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11 Creative Ways to Get More Likes on Facebook

When putting a status or post in Facebook, you would sometimes notice that some post or shares get more likes than other post. Here we list out 11 creative ways you can get more Likes on Facebook and create more engagement.

1. Choose the right time and day to post

For your post to get more likes, you need to choose when to post. The most ideal time to post is to post when there is less post competition from other people and the highest people online using Facebook. So, when is that sweet time?

best time to post on facebook

The Best Days to Post on Facebook
Apparently, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday is the best day to post that will get higher engagement. The reason? As the people at work approaching the weekend, people will start to relax and log on to Facebook to check with the latest status and friends.

The Best Time to Post on Facebook
Post that is funny or have happy message in Friday afternoon will have the highest engagement. This is because people are destressing from the weekdays and getting into the weekend mode. Saturday morning also would be the best time to post to get the most engagement. However, if you choose to post on weekdays that is Monday to Wednesday, choose from 5 pm to 3 am to get the highest engagement.

2. Choose topic and content that is likely to get shares

It is a simple math, more shares therefore more likes. So, how does one get post get more shares? According to a study done by the New York Times Customer Insight Group, there are five factors why people will share a post in social media.

  • To bring valuable and entertaining content to others

Most of us actually do filter out what we want to share online. We only share things that we perceive are of value or entertaining to other people based on our perception to that content.

  • To define ourselves to others

From the study, it show 68% of people share things that basically define themselves and give their circle of friends who they are and what they care about. So, if they have certain belief in politics or religion, they are more likely to share the post that you made on those things that closely define themselves.

  • To grow and nourish our relationships

Some people share just to maintain the communication and relationship with their friends. Therefore, they share with the purpose of connecting to other people. If you have a strong relationship with your friends and community in Facebook, the higher chance your post will be shared to others outside your circle of friends.

  • Self-fulfilment

Based on the study, 69% share information because it allows them to be more involved in the world. Basically, by sharing information, they validate their significance to the world by contributing to others by sharing in Facebook. Therefore, it is important for you to identify people in your network that have this tendency to share for self-fulfilment.

  • To get the word out about causes or brands.

This is a bit related to the self-fulfilment factor as human tendency to be part of a community or cause. Therefore the more they feel related to a certain community or cause, the more they will share a post on that

3. Engaged frequently with others.

It is the classic mantra of what you give, you get back. So, if you want more Likes on your Facebook post, you need to also Like your friend’s post as well. Not just like but also comment frequently on post that your friend’s shares. Do it frequently and you will get Likes and Shares from your friend in return.

4. Post Original Quality Content

Based on studies, original content will get more shares than you sharing a post that is not yours. What is defined as quality content? The points for creating a quality post that will get more Likes are:-
Length of your post – Not too long and not too short. The best is to put a summary of your message in your post and link it with an article in Facebook or your blog. An article likely to be read and shared would normally have 1000 – 3000 words.
Visually attractive – Pictures or Infographics. Let’s face it. Majority of us don’t like to read. However, we are prone to visual aid such as pictures and images. Therefore one of the best ways to share information is through infographics. Quality visual post will get more Likes and Shares as the messages contained in that visual post will be easily understood by most people.
Videos – Video content are now becoming the new trends in this 4th Industrial revolution as the Internet is getting much faster. Therefore, in order for your post to stand out, a video content will likely to be viewed and shared by your friends.
Stories from personal experience – One of the quick way to create an original content is to share your own personal experience. People will engage more with personal stories.

5. Have Call to Action on your post

One of the straight ways to get more Likes on your Facebook is just by telling people to Like your post. By putting a ‘Call to Action’ to your post, people will know that you need Likes or Shares once they have read and view your post. You can give some incentives such a free giveaway for people who Likes or Shares your post.

6. Share Post that is currently trending

Another quick way to get more Likes is to share a post on the latest trending topic. By giving comments or making fun to certain trending topics, it will get higher engagement. This is due to people are mostly interested with the latest topics and wants to give their opinion also on that matter.

7. Cross Promote Your Post to Other Social Media Platform

If you have other Social Media platform such as Twitter or LinkedIn, it might be worthwhile to share a post that you created in Facebook to these platform. This is to get more eyeballs to read or view your post. The more attention you get to your post, the more Likes and Shares it will get.

8. Use Facebook Ads

This method is a paid method to get Likes and Shares. However, only post that you shared in your Facebook Page only can get boosted. By boosting a post, your post will be shown to a wider audiences. You can also target which demographic and location you want your post to be seen. This is quick method to get Likes instantly but it will cost you to use this method.

9. Post Memes

Another creative ways to get higher engagement to your post is by using Meme. Meme is basically a humorous image that is copied and with slight variations and spread rapidly by the Internet users. There are many sites that offer a Meme generator in which you can use to generate your own Meme. A funny and creative Meme can get your post shared and also possibly can go viral.

10. Post Images with Quotes

One of the big factor of people sharing post is that they want the message to portray their self-belief and image as well. Images with positive and inspiring quotes will get higher shares due to the positive image it brings by sharing that post. Images with quotes also is likely to benefit many people as it can be motivating as well as inspiring by nature. You can create this type of images together with your own or other people quotes with sites such as Canva.

11. Post Questions

Another quick method of getting people to interact and Like your post is by posting questions. The tips of getting response for using the Question method is to keep it simple for people to response. It should be objective type of questions that requires people to response a Yes or No reply or Options of A, B or C. A fill in the blank question also can get people to response. The idea is that to get people not to overthink the question and answer quickly.

So, there you have it. 11 creative ways you can do to get more Likes and Shares for your Facebook post. Read also our previous post on Top 7 Facebook Tips and Tricks.

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