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Beginner’s Guide to Snapchat Trophies (15 Trophies You Can Easily Unlocked)

15 Snapchat Trophies You Can Easily Unlocked

So, what are Snapchat trophies and why you should even care about it? One of the reason is for increasing your Snapchat score. The more you unlocked the trophies, the higher your Snapchat score. It is also a fun thing to do as to compete among your friends. You can compare and see how many trophies you have unlocked between you and your friends. Here we are going to list some of the snapchat trophies that you can easily unlocked.


Unlock the Snapchat Video Trophies

Videotape – All you need to do is send one video to your friend

However, if you are feeling competitive, and want to unlock more of this video type trophy, here are two more trophies you can unlock by sending videos in Snapchat.

Movie Camera – You need to send 50 videos to your friends

Video Camera – You need to send 500 videos to your friends


If you are fan of using filters, there are several trophies you can unlock by just using some of the filters frequently. Here are some the quick trophies you can unlock

Panda Emoji – Just send 50 snaps of black and white filters to your friends and you will immediately unlock the Panda Emoji trophy

One Finger Emoji – Here is another easy trophy that you can unlock by using filters. Just send a snap with one filter used.

Peace Sign Emoji – You can get the peace sign emoji by sending snap with two filters

Smiling Sun Face Emoji – When you are at a hot sunny place with temperature above 100 degrees Fahrenheit, take a snap but use the temperature filter.


If you like to zoom in and zoom out for your snap videos, here are the trophies you can easily unlocked.

Magnifying Glass – All you need to unlock this trophy is to send ten snap images that are entirely zoomed in. You need to zoom in the image until it reach its limit.

Microscope – Different from magnifying glass, you can unlock this trophy by sending ten snap video that is also entirely zoom in.


If you are big fan of using the pencil colours in your snap, here are some of the trophies you can unlock.

Lollipop – You can unlock the Lollipop trophy by sending a snap that uses 5 or more colours

Rainbow – However, if you send 10 snaps that uses 5 or more colours you will unlock the Rainbow trophy

Artist Palette – And if you are a true artist and send more than 50 snaps using 5 or more colours, you will be deservingly rewarded the Artist Palette trophy.


It seems being a devil in Snapchat has its rewards. And this reward come in the form of trophies. Here are some trophies you can unlocked by being mischievous and screenshot your friend’s snap. However, please take note that each time you screenshot your friend’s snap, that friend will be notified that you have screenshot their snap.

Smiling Devil – You will received this trophy if you Screenshot one snap of your friend

Angry Devil – You will get the Angry Devil trophy if you screenshot 10 snaps

Japanese Goblin – You are a goblin/troll if you screenshot 50 snaps and therefore deserved this Japanese Goblin trophy.

So, there you have it. The top 15 trophies that we feel can be easily unlocked. Please leave us a comment on any other trophies that you have unlocked. Be sure to check also our previous articles on 3 ways on how to increase your snapchat score fast.

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