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3 Interesting Things About Snapchat Memories

3 Interesting Things About Snapchat Memories

Snapchat Memories is considered as a significant update to the Snapchat function as it diverged from the original objective of Snapchat where snap will disappear in 24 hours. Facebook, for instance, has the timeline feature in which you can scroll back and see whatever you have shared over the years. Facebook will store this in your timeline, and you can decide which one that can remain to be featured in your timeline and which one should be hidden. Snapchat does not have this ability as they emphasize more on disappearing post. Therefore nothing stays permanent in Snapchat.

However, with the introduction of Snapchat memories, it gives the users the ability to save their snaps and stories in their Snapchat account. Snapchat memories is a way for you to save your snap into the cloud or Snapchat server to be exact. Before Snapchat memories, Snapchat users only have the option of saving it to their phone’s camera roll. And this can take a large amount of space.

Now with the introduction of this memories feature, you can save the space in your phone and at the same time able to revisit your older Snaps. Probably either you want to either rekindle the memories or you want to use it as an update to a current snap.

Here we list down three interesting things about how you can use Snapchat memories


Previously before Snapchat introduces the Snapchat memories, the only way you can save your Snaps and stories is by saving it directly to your phone’s camera roll. In there, your snaps will get mixed up with other video and photos you have. With Snapchat memories, you will instantly know which one you have posted as a snap and which one you have created as stories. In the Snapchat memories, all your snaps will be in a circle, and all your stories will be in a square so that you will quickly recognize it.

You can also use Snapchat memories to search for your old snaps. Here are the steps.

Snapchat Memories 2

Open your Snapchat and swipe up. You will then enter the Snapchat Memories menu. Tap the search box above the memories menu

snapchat memories 3

You can then search for the keyword of your old snaps here. You can also see your older snaps have been properly categorized so that it is easy for you to search and find.

Previously, if you want to create a new snap, you have to create it from scratch. However, if you save some of it in your phone, you can use that again and post it as a snap. However, that depends on whether you have stored the older snap on your phone or you still are using the same phone where you have all your older snaps archived. However, with Snapchat memories, all of your previous snaps are stored in the cloud. Therefore, you can access it even if you are using a new phone. Here are the steps that you can use to use old snaps to create new snaps or stories.

snapchat memories 4

Open the Snapchat memories by swiping up at your Snapchat Camera Screen mode

Once you are in your Snapchat Memories, choose whichever snaps that you want to re-post. Swipe up to enter the edit mode.

Snapchat memories 5

At the edit mode, you can either choose to send the story to your stories or add another snap to that stories

If you select “Add Snaps to the Story”, you will enter back the Snapchat memories mode. Browse through your Snapchat Memories and select the snaps or stories you want to add.

Once you are satisfied, create the story, and it will show up in your Snapchat stories feed for your friends to see


Remember the moment you handed your phone to a friend’s just to show them some pictures. However, he or she then accidentally see also other pictures on your phone that you have not intended for them to see and this can be quite an embarrassing situation for you. Snapchat somehow recognizes this embarrassing situation and therefore included the “My Eyes” functionality into the Snapchat memories. This function act as privacy settings that enables you to control which snaps and stories can be shown and which could not.

Here is the step on how you can enable the My Eyes function in Snapchat Memories

Snapchat memories 7

Open your Snapchat and swipe up to enter the Snapchat Memories. Choose which Snaps or Stories you want to hide

Once you select the snaps, swipe up, and you will enter the edit mode

Snapchat memories 8

In the My Story edit mode, choose the “Move Story to My Eyes Only.”

If you have never setup your “My Eyes” function, you will be shown a setup menu for the “My Eyes” function.

Snapchat memories 9

You then set your Passcode. It is a four digit passcode.

Once you key in your passcode, confirm your passcode. Make sure you remember the number.

In your Snapchat Memories screen menu, you will have an extra tab for “My Eyes Only”. This is where your private snaps and stories are stored.

So, there you have it. Three interesting things about Snapchat Memories that you should know. Snapchat Memories will remain as one of the important features in Snapchat now and in the years to come. It is probably a matter of time when Snapchat will finally follow other social media platform and allow the Snapchat memories to be view as a timeline by yourself as well as by your friends. Please leave a comment below on how you have to use the Snapchat memories and how Snapchat improves further on this feature. Please also check our previous article on how to create snapchat stories from your camera roll.

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