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3 Interesting Ways How to Find Snapchat Friends (That You Probably Don’t Know)

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If you are starting out to use Snapchat, you would want to start to fill up that Snapchat friend list as soon as possible. The more friends you have, the more Snapchat feed you can see from your friends.  However, unlike Facebook, it is not as easy as just pushing that friend request to get more friends in Snapchat. I think this is where Snapchat needs to improve. Most first time Snapchat users will have this same problem. However, there are some interesting yet simple ways you can increase your Snapchat friends. Here we list down 3 simple but yet interesting that most probably most of us would not have thought of using.


With the introduction of Snapchat Map, you can now find Snapchat friends much easier. Snapchat map have proved to be an instant hit with the Snapchat users. You now are able not just seeing the Snap sent by your friends, but also the Snaps of total random strangers from even remote places in the world (sounds creepy if you said that out loud J). With this new profound power of Snapchat, here are the steps you can take to find friends using Snapchat Snapmap.

snapmap friends 1

Step 1

At the Snapchat camera menu, squeeze your finger at the screen to enter the Snapchat map screen

Step 2

The Snapchat map will appear and it will shows where you are located. Make sure you disabled the ghost mode so that you can also see other people’s snap

snapchat snapmap friends 2

Step 3

Search for Snap using the search box at the above screen. You can also browse the Snapchat map to see Snaps around you or globally

Step 4

If you find a snap that includes a Snapcode or username, screen shot it and save it into your camera roll

snapchat snapmap friends 3

Step 5

Open you Snapchat and choose the “Add friends using username” or “using Snapcode”. Depends on how the person you found choose to share.

Step 6

If you use the Snapcode option, Snapchat will automatically detect the Snapcode in your camera roll and instantly add that person as your Snapchat friend.


Find snapchat friends using YouTube? Yes, apparently they are many Snapchat users are using this platform to reach out and increase their Snapchat friends. And also it seems much more effective and work both ways. You can create a video and invite people to add you in Snapchat or you can search YouTube and find people who shares their Snaphchat username and Snapcode in their YouTube video. Learn here how you can create your very own YouTube videos.

Here are examples on how you can do that

Step 1

Open the YouTube channel

Step 2

Go to the YouTube search box

snapchat youtube 6

Step 3

Search for “Snapchat usernames”

Step 4

Browse through the videos to add any Snapchat users that have shared either their Snapchat username or Snapcode


Now, this is an interesting solution. Using Facebook to find friends that wants to be added to another social media platform. However, this is a more simple and direct way of searching people who wants to be added as your friend in Snapchat. Apparently there are many pages in Facebook dedicated on people who wants to find Snapchat friends. Here are the steps.

snapchat facebook 7

Step 1

First step is to open your Facebook. In the search box above your Facebook menu, type the keyword “Snapchat friends”

Step 2

Browse through the “Post from friends”. You will see several public post where they have shared their Snapchat usernames

Step 3

Browse also the screen below as you can find related groups in Facebook groups and pages. You can join the Snapchat group there and add to your Snapchat friends.

So, there you have it. 3 interesting yet simple ways how you can grow your Snapchat friends fast. Be sure also to check our previous article on how to get Snapchat friends fast.

Please leave a comment down below if you have tried this method and have some success with it.

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