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3 Ways to Create the Best Pinterest Cover Image


If you have been using Pinterest you will know that this social media platform emphasize a lot on images. You cannot even pin anything to Pinterest without an image. You can use any images that is embedded in your blog or website to pin to Pinterest. However, if you want your content to be re-pin by other people, it is important that you have the best cover image possible to use for the purpose of pinning your content to Pinterest. Here are 3 ways that you can use to create the best Pinterest Cover Image.



The first rule of pinning your post to Pinterest is to have a good image with text of your title post in there. However, if you are not just a normal blogger who seldom uses images in your blog, here are some quick and easy way to create Here are example how we use canva.com to create a free image banner for this article.

Step 1
Go to Canva.com. Make sure to register yourself first. Tap the ‘More’ button in their homepage to see more templates

Step 2
Scroll to the Social Media Posts segment and choose the “Pinterest Graphic”

Step 3
Scroll through all the ready-made templates. There are some free templates and there are also some paid templates. Choose the one that you like.

Step 4
Amend the text or element in that image banner to suit your content.

Step 5
Once you are satisfied, download the file to your computer. Use it inside your blog post or set it as your article feature image.



Most people do not want to waste their time reading a ling article but they do appreciate the new information and knowledge that they can get from a long article. So, the solution is by providing all the information you want to deliver in a graphical manner and easy to digest. Infographics is a great conversion tool that can make people pin your content and also visit your website.

However, creating an infographic can be difficult for some people as they need some graphic design skill. Luckily there are many option for us who do not know how to edit images like a pro. If you already written an article that have a full pack information, you can convert that article into infographic by hiring freelancers to do it. The best site to outsource this are fiverr.com, upwork.com and guru.com. You can also use designcrowd.com as well as they have graphic designers waiting the work from you. However, if you want to choose the free route of creating an infographic, you can visit site such as piktochart.com, canva.com and picmonkey.com ad use their free trial. Here are example how we use canva.com to create a simple infographics for this post.

Step 1

Go to Canva.com again and tap the ‘More’ button to see more templates.

Step 2
Go to the “Blogging & eBooks” and choose “Infographics”.

Step 3
There in the Layout you will see a lot of templates for infographics. Again there are free and also paid templates. Choose the infographic that is similar to the message or content you want to deliver.

Step 4
Customize the ready-made templates with your content, data and information. You can customize also the text and elements in that ready-made template.


Step 5
Once finalized, save and download the infographic to your computer. You can now use the infographic as a stand-alone or can be embedded into your article or blog post.



If you are not a fan of Adobe Photoshop so much, there is another quick method of creating a simple image banner. If you are using Windows, you will have a software called ‘Paint’. This is one of the most basic software that you can use to create a simple image banner. However, you still need to have photos or images.

You can either use your own created photos or use images found on the internet. However, make sure to use no copyright and free royalty images. Some of the website that you can find for this free and no copyright images are flickr.com. You can also search on Google for similar websites like this that offer free images for use without royalty. Here are the steps that you can use.

Step 1
There are many websites that offers free stock photo that can be use. You can search this in Google. Just type ‘Free Stock Photo’. However, make sure also that the free stock photo can be use without the need pay any royalty.

Step 2
Once you found a suitable image or photo, open the Paint software that mostly is already pre-installed in most Windows Computer. Paste the image in the Paint software.

Step 3
Edit and add text to your image to match the title of your content

Step 4
Once done, save it to your computer. Use the image banner inside your post or set it as your blog feature image.

So, there you have it. The 3 ways you can create your perfect Pinterest cover image. Please check also our previous article on how to drive free traffic from Pinterest.

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