3 Ways to Search People on Pinterest

3 ways to search people on pinterest

If you are new to Pinterest or just starting to use the app, you would probably be eager to start following people and also getting other people to follow your Pinterest board. It is probably no fun if you start pinning articles to your board just to find that there is no follower that is following your Pinterest board. The unique thing about Pinterest is that you can easily search for people who have the same interest as you by looking at their pins and also their boards. So, here we outline several ways to search people on Pinterest and increase the followers in your Pinterest account.

1. Search for your friends

If you know that your friends have a Pinterest account, you can actually search their name using the Pinterest app. Here is how you can do this.
search people on pinterest 1

Step 1
Open the Pinterest app and tap on the magnifying glass icon below.

Step 2
Type in your friend’s name or the account id in the search box.

Step 3
Once in their wall, tap the ‘Follow’ button above to start following your friend.

2. Search People with Similar Pins

The uniqueness of the Pinterest app is that you can identify like-minded people by looking what topics that they normally pin. So, if you want to find like-minded people as you, just browse through the pins that are also interesting to you and add the people for you to follow. There is highly likely they will follow you back. Below are the steps to search people on Pinterest with similar pins.

search people on pinterest 2

Step 1
Open the Pinterest app and choose a pin you find interesting.

Step 2
Once you are in that pin, you can actually see all the people that also have pin their article. This indicates these people have the same interest as you. Tap at the section below to see the list of people that pin that article.

search people on pinterest 3

Step 3
Tap on any people you want to follow from that list

Step 4
Tap the ‘Follow’ button to start following

3. Search People using Categories

If looking at pins only covers a niche or smaller areas of interest, you can also look at a broader area for similar of interest. This can be done by looking at the board category. Here are the steps to search people in Pinterest using Category.

search people on pinterest 4

Step 1
Open the Pinterest App and tap at the magnifying glass icon at the bottom to open the list of category in Pinterest.

Step 2
Pinterest will show a list of category. Choose any category of interest

search people on pinterest 5

Step 3
Once you select a category, you will see people who have created Pinterest Board based on that category. Tap on the board and you will see the people who created it. Tap on the ‘Follow’ button to start following.

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