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5 Things You Probably Don’t Know About Pinterest (And Help Your Business)

5 Things You Probably Don't Know About Pinterest

Pinterest is a simple yet very effective content sharing via social media platform. If you have not used Pinterest before, you will be surprised by the simple but yet unique experience it offers it terms of sharing and distribution of content. Pinterest is a combination of two words that is Pin and Interest. Therefore, it is designed for users to pin their interest in a board that is created in their Pinterest account.

Like a scrap book, you can easily pin whatever information that you find on the internet and pin it at your board. Other Pinterest users who see what you have pin might share it as well. However, there might be something that you are not aware of what Pinterest is capable of. Here we share with you the top 5 things that you probably don’t know about Pinterest.


Use Pinterest as a collaborative platform 1

Besides the usual pin and re-pinning of articles that you found on the internet, you can also use Pinterest as a way to brainstorm ideas with your friends. You can create a group board and invite your friends to pin related articles and items on that board.

For example, if your business wants to expand to a new market for instance, and you want to know everything about it, you can ask your colleagues to share any articles that they found into the group board. That way you can cover an area or topic much faster compared to doing the research alone. Here are the steps on how you can create the group board and start your collaboration.

Use Pinterest as a collaborative platform 2

Step 1
Open your account. Tap the icon ‘+’ here

Step 2
Tap “Create Board”

Use Pinterest as a collaborative platform 3

Step 3
Name your board. You can also choose to keep the board a secret or can be seen by public

Step 4
Once your board is created, tap the ‘+’ icon here

use pinterest as a collaborative platform 4

Step 5

Add collaborators from your contacts or from your Pinterest followers list


One of the useful things you can do with Pinterest is that you are able to know what the interest of your followers is almost instantly. Just visit their account and look at their board. Look also at the numbers of pin they have posted on that particular board. Immediately you will know what their focus is when they browse the internet. To digital marketers, that are priceless information.

If you have something of value that your followers might be interested, there is nothing is stopping you from giving a direct message to the particular followers and offer that value. Here is how you can check and analyse your Pinterest follower’s interest and use it as a lead for your business.

use pinterest as a customer research 1

Step 1
Open your account. Tap the compass icon below

Step 2
In the Categories, tap “Popular”

use pinterest as a customer research 2

Step 3
At the above category of the Popular section, choose any related product category to your business

Step 4
Browse through the pin to see popular pins that have been shared related to the product category


how to create brand awareness on pinterest

The one thing Pinterest has the advantage compared to other social media such as Facebook and Instagram is that the attention span in Pinterest is still high and not saturated yet. There are cases where a pin gets pin and re-pin for many months.

Therefore making that pin shareable and discoverable over a long period absolutely free. This would be unheard of if you are using other popular Social media platform. The key is to make an effective infographics that can help solve people’s problem.


pinterest as a product launch platform

As any other social media platform, Pinterest can be used as an effective way to create a buzz for your product launch. The key to a successful product launch in Pinterest is by giving away free and informative content first as a way to gauge the audiences’ interaction.

You can start by giving snippets of your product bundled together with your information infographics. As the interest grew over time about your product, you can finally launch it any different format on Pinterest that includes pictures, infographics and video.


how to build a community via pinterest

The business plan in the current state of the internet will always include community as the main feature. No longer can business survive on its own nowadays. They need communities to support it and grow it over the long term. Therefore it is important nowadays that business needs to know how to develop and maintain a community of their businesses. By using Pinterest, you can develop a loyal fan base and maintain growth for your business.

So, there you have it. 5 things you can leverage on Pinterest to further increase your business exposure and marketing campaign. Please leave us a comment on how you have used Pinterest in the past to expand your market. Be sure also to check our previous article related to Pinterest that is how you can increase Pinterest followers in 5 ways.

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