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5 Ways How to Make Interesting Instagram Stories (And Create More Engagement)

5 Tips How to Create Interesting Instagram Stories

So, you are seeing some of your friends posting Instagram Stories and you having the itch to post your Instagram stories as well. But, you are afraid of posting something lame. Read here if you want to know what Instagram Stories is and how you can create one for your Instagram account. Here we list out how to properly use this channel and post interesting Instagram stories for your followers and friends to consume and entertain.


The advantage of telling a story of your life on Instagram is that you can add effects and filters. Adding a filter or special effects will transform somewhat a boring video of you sitting and eating to a visually entertaining piece of content. Snapchat started this trend and people are now used to see filters and effects in an Instagram stories post. So, if you need your Instagram stories to stand out, learn how to use this effects and filters to your Instagram stories. Here are some simple steps you can take.

Instagram Stories Effects and Filters 1

Step 1
Open your Instagram and tap the icon above to enter your camera screen stories mode

Step 2
After recording the video or image, tap the icons above to add the effects, filters or stickers

Step 3
Choose any of this marker above. Scribble down the word that you want at the camera screen. This will be added to your stories.

Instagram stories effects and filters 3

Step 4
You can also select ready-made stickers that can show your current temperature, time and also location


Another interesting feature Instagram has to offer to spice up your stories is the stickers function. You can use an existing list of stickers to add to your stories or you can create your own stickers. You can even create a selfie sticker on your stories as well. Here are the steps on how you can do just that.

Instagram stories selfie stickers 1

Step 1
Open your Instagram camera mode and start capturing your video. Once done, tap this icon above to enter the sticker mode

Step 2
In the Sticker option, tap this icon here to enter the selfie sticker mode

Instagram stories selfie stickers 3

Step 3
Tap here once you got the right position for your selfie sticker


Similar as to adding a hashtag to your normal Instagram post, you can also add a hashtag to your stories. However, make sure the hashtag is not crowding your Instagram stories. Only put relevant hashtag that is related to your videos. Putting a hashtag can also help viewers to understand your video much clearer.

For example, showing yourself driving a car with a hashtag #lateforwork, will make your audience understand immediately what are your stories are all about. Here is how you can add a hashtag to your Instagram stories.

Instagram stories add hashtag 1

Step 1
Open your Instagram camera mode and start capturing your video. Once done, tap this icon above to enter the sticker mode

Step 2
Tap this icon here to enter the hashtag sticker mode

Instagram stories add hashtag 2

Step 3
Edit and type the hashtag that you want here. Your stories will be discoverable via that hashtag that you created.


Now, this is one of the fun things you can do using Instagram stories. Adding music to your Instagram stories will immediately give it a dramatic impact on people who are viewing it. Adding music to your stories can be done in numerous ways. Here is some simple step that you can use to create your musical Instagram stories.

Instagram stories add music 1

Step 1
If you have an iPhone, find this icon “Music” and tap on it

Step 2
In the Music menu, tap “Songs” to enter your music library

Step 3
Choose the music you want to add as the background for your Instagram stories. After the song is playing, hit “Pause”

Step 4
Open back your Instagram. In the camera mode, swipe up

instagram stories add music 3

Step 5
Your iPhone shortcut menu will appear. Play your music.

Step 6
Swipe back down to return to your Instagram story camera mode and start recording. Your music background will be heard together with your recorded Instagram stories.


The catch that comes with Instagram stories is that it must be a video you captured less than 24 hours. More than that, you cannot add the video to your stories. Therefore, most likely people will normally upload videos that they have captured using their smartphones. Even though the quality can be good but sometimes the storyline can be messed up.

One way to upload a good interesting Instagram stories is by editing it first before you upload it. You can basically edit your video using your smartphone by using pre-existing tools already existing in your smartphones. Here are the simple steps on how you can achieve just that.

instagram stories edit your videos

Step 1
If you are using iPhone, you can edit your video by tapping “iMovie”. The iMovie app is already pre-installed on your iPhone.

Step 2
Once in iMovie, select the video you want to share on Instagram stories

Step 3
You can start to edit, cut and also add other video using iMovie

Step 4
Once done editing, you can share that into your Instagram stories,

So, there you have it. 5 ways how you can make your Instagram stories much more interesting and stand out from the crowd. Share with us in the comment section below on how you make your Instagram stories much more interesting. Please check also our previous article on the 5 things you can post on Instagram if you are running out of idea on what to post.

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