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5 Simple Steps How You Can Increase Followers in Pinterest

5 ways you can increase followers in Pinterest

Pinterest has evolved and change significantly in recent years. It has now increased its user based to more than 100 Million Active Users. If you are familiar with Pinterest you would notice the different proposition that is offered by Pinterest compared to other social media platform. It is much more visual and content driven. People who use Pinterest are there mainly for content search and therefore set it apart from other social media platform. To grow your followers in Pinterest is quite different compared to other social media platform. Here we are going to give you some of the tips to grow and increase your followers in Pinterest organically.


Fill-up your profile with your picture and give some description of yourself. People will likely to follow people that have a profile picture with detail description of themselves and what do they do. It is also a good way to promote your website at the profile in which can quickly see your website url and click on it to go there. Verfying your website will also give you an extra the likelihood for people to follow you. Read here on how you can verify your website on Pinterest.


how to be active in pinterest

You cannot expect to have followers magically appear and follow you suddenly. Be active and consistent in Pinterest. The magic formula, is to pin and re-pin about 10 to 20 pin a day. Comment, tag and like in some of the pins if possible. Do this consistently and you will see your followers increase substantially. The reason for this is that as you keeping active, the more your feed will appear in other people’s feed. Therefore the likely you will be more visible and followed by other people.


It’s about math as well as social science. When you follow other people, the likely that same people will also follow you. However, do not just follow any people on Pinterest. Pick people who have the same interest as you. How do you know this? Check out their board and you will know what kind of their interest they have. If you have the same interest and the same board category, the more likely they will follow you back. Follow back people that follows you and comment and interact on their pins. The more active you follow and comment, the more visible your profile will be in the newsfeed that will lead to other people starts to follow you as well.


pin and repin quality content in pinterest
The main reason people follow you on Pinterest is mainly based on content that you pin. If they like the content you are pinning the more likelihood they will also re-pin your content. Pin also content that have high share ability factor such as how-to and tips articles are likely to be re-pin back. Pin your original article and make sure your article is of high quality and length of 1000 words or more.


how to optimize your pin in pinterest

Each time you created or content in your blog or website, make sure the article is optimize also for Pinterest. Here are some tips to create an optimize pin
a. Good image that is pinnable – Tall images do well in Pinterest. Add also infographics that can be pinnable in your article. Read here on how best to create images for Pinterest.
b. Put a share button for Pinterest on top or below your article – If you are using WordPress, install share buttons plugin
c. Use rich pins on your blog

So, there you have it. 5 ways you can increase your followers in Pinterest organically. Make sure also our previous article on how to search people on Pinterest.

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