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5 Ways How to Drive Free Traffic From Pinterest


Pinterest is a unique type of social media platform in which it is that not much social interaction happens in that platform. It is design however for content to be aggregated and the platform forms this massive collection of articles and information. Simply put, people who comes to Pinterest are more interested to look for information and how-to articles. Therefore, this put Pinterest as one of the best platform for content marketing. Pinterest also can drive free traffic to your site if it is smartly being engaged. Here we are going to list down top 5 ways you can use Pinterest to generate free traffic to your site.


The last thing you would want to do is to create another boring Pinterest board. In order to get people to follow you, you need to create an interesting and catchy Board name. The name must also resonate to a certain community so that they would know what to expect if they visit or follow your board. For example, if you are into smart homes automation, you probably do not want to create a page board that have a name ‘Smart Homes Automation’. The disadvantage is that you will be drown by many other boards that have the similar themes. However, you can resonate to a certain community by looking and browsing at similar pages in Facebook and Google Plus communities. For example, there are many DIY communities as well Gadget hobbyist communities out there. Pick a board page name that relates with this communities and you will attract followings in a short time.


It is a simple concept, more followers equals more traffic to your Pin. So, how you can increase your followers. There are 3 ways you can get more followers to your Pinterest account.

1.Search for your friends
If you know that your friends have a Pinterest account, you can actually search their name using the Pinterest app.

2.Search People with Similar Pins
The uniqueness of the Pinterest app is that you can identify like-minded people by looking what topics that they normally pin. So, if you want to find like-minded people as you, just browse through the pins that are also interesting to you and add the people for you to follow. There is highly likely they will follow you back.

3.Search People using Categories
If looking at pins only covers a niche or smaller areas of interest, you can also look at a broader area for similar of interest. This can be done by looking at the board category.

Read more on how to search and add people in your Pinterest account here


If the key to success for real estate is location, location, location, the key to success for Pinterest is visual, visual, visual. This is the only social media platform that heavily use image as a way to attract users to a content. Tall images tends to get more conversion compared to the normal square image. So, when creating that image, go for the long tall banner image. Make sure you have large text in your image that shows the message of your topic content. There are many free software out there where you can create free images as well as infographic.

Here are some site you can get free images for you to create your banner or infographics.

Some of great infographics that can convert are infographics on how-to, tutorial and checklist.


Easy advice but not easy to implement. What constitute as great content? Great content can be subjective from a person’s point of view but from SEO standpoint, you need to have this basic rule. First, the length of your article. The magic number of words where people normally view a content as great is the minimum of 1000 words. Second rule is the arrangement of your article. Develop an article with proper paragraph breaks with introduction, body and the conclusion.


The rule of SEO have also change now. The quality of your article is also determined by how long and how engaged your visitor to your site. This can be done by adding images and video and also useful link in your articles. This will make the visitors spent a significant amount of time consuming your article. The longer the user spent consuming your article the better. This will signal to Google that your article is of great content. It is not enough also to develop that content but in the end the article have crappy title. You also need to create eye catching title as well. Remember that your pin will be competing with many other pin as well. To get users to actually save your pin you need to have an interesting image as well as interesting title. You can run a split test first in your title to see which one is converting well. Choose the one that convert the most and use it in your thumbnail image.

How to know if you have a catchy and converting title? You can do an A/B split testing. One of my favourites are thrivesthemes plugin where they have a plugin in which you can do split testing for your title. You can then choose which title convert the most. However, please note that thrivesthemes is a subscription base website.


People who have large followers are called Influencers. The good thing of Social Media platform is that you can instantly tap into other people’s followers by commenting and interacting in their wall. How can you search for Pinterest account with huge followings? You can browse through the category in Pinterest and visit the user’s account who pin their articles. The user’s account will show how many followers they have. Interact with these influencers and try to get into their closed Page Board communities if they have one.

Another way is to Google for Pinterest Influencers. There you will find the list of people who have huge followings in Pinterest. Start to follow this influencers and interact with them and their followers on a consistent basis. This will in a way give exposure to you to that community and at the same time you can start promoting your Pinterest Page board as well.

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