5 Ways to Add Friends in Snapchat

5 Ways to add friends on snapchat

Snapchat is an instant messaging application that offers image and video as a medium for messaging. It was developed by Evan Spiegel, Bobby Murphy and Reggie Brown when they were studying at Stanford University. As the popularity of Snapchat is growing and its user base is expanding, the more friends that you can now add in Snapchat. Here we are going to list 5 ways you can add friend in Snapchat. In Snapchat you can add friends by username, add from Address Book, add by Snapcode, add nearby and also share your username.

1. Add friends by Username

Using Snapchat, you can add friends by adding using their snapchat username. Below are the steps.

Add friends in snapchat 1

Step 1
Open the Snapchat apps and in the first screen, swipe downwards. After that, tap on the ‘Add Friends’ option

Step 2
Once in your in the ‘Add Friends’ menu, you will now have 5 options on how you can add friends. Tap on the first menu ‘Add by Username’

How to add friends in snapchat 2

Step 3
Type in the snapchat username of your friends and it will appear in this menu. It will also shows the Snapchat username from your contacts that already have their snapchat username.

2. Add from Address Book
You can also let Snapchat access your address book in your smartphone and see who in your contacts that already have a Snapchat account. Below are the steps to add Snapchat friends from your phone’s address book.

add snapchat friends

Step 1
Open the ‘Add Friends’ menu and choose ‘Add from Address Book’

Step 2
Snapchat will show you the existing contacts in your address book that have a Snapchat account. Just tap ‘Add’ button to add your friends.

3. Add by Snapcode

Snapchat allows their users to create snapchat code as shown as above. You can share this snapchat code to others or you can also get your friend’s snapchat code to add as friends. There are also many celebrities snapchat code available on the internet that are ready for you to scan and add into your Snapchat friends database. Below are the steps to add friends using Snapchat.

add friends using snapcode

Step 1
You can either search online for celebrities Snapcode or you can also ask your friend to email their Snapcode for you to scan and add.

Step 2
Once you receive the Snapcode, just aim your phone camera to that Snapcode and Snapchat will automatically detect and show their Snapchat username. Just tap the Add button to add them as your Snapchat friend.

4. Add Nearby

If you have your friend nearby, you can just ask them to enable the ‘Add Nearby’ option and you can automatically detect their username. Below are the steps.

add friends nearby snapchat

Step 1
Open the ‘Add Friends’ menu and tap the ‘Add Nearby’ button

Step 2
Snapchat will automatically scan for your friends nearby. Once your friend username is detected, tap on the Add button.

5. Share your username

Another way to drastically increase your friends in Snapchat is to blast your Snapchat username via email to everyone that you know. Below are the steps that you can take.

share username snapchat

Step 1

Open the ‘Add Friends’ menu and choose ‘Share username’

Step 2
If you are using iPhone, the shortcut menu will immediately show several options that you can use to send your username. You can choose to share through text messaging as well as email.

Step 3
Fill in your friends email address and hit send.

So, there you have it. The quick ways that you can use to add your friend in Snapchat. Hope this tips helps.

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