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7 Steps to Create a Successful YouTube Channel


YouTube is basically one of the most popular video sharing platform in the world. With billions of view daily, it provides a good platform for you to either launch your business or scaling your business to a new level. Apart from business, YouTube also is good for individuals to showcase their talents to the world or just creating video for fun. Many popular and viral videos in YouTube are made by amateurs only but receive overwhelming viewership due to its content. If you looking into the possibilities of starting a YouTube channel, here are the 7 steps that you need to take to create a successful YouTube channel.

Before you even create a YouTube channel, it is important to set who are your target audiences will be. There are too many YouTube channels that you need to compete and therefore it is better for you to strategize first which area that you want to provide your content and value to. Below are a checklist template that you can use to get the idea of what your YouTube channel will be about.



Identify Target Market

Define the target area you want to contribute your videos to. You can choose a general area in which you an upload all types of video into that channel. However, the likelihood of people to subscribe to your channel is less. You can also choose a specific genre as well for your channel. It can be compilation of funny videos, scary videos or also geographical by nature such as promoting your place.

Identify Value
You can identify the value that you can provide by identifying the problems people have. What are the problems you want to solve by providing your channels to YouTube audiences? If you want to upload videos that is funny by nature, you are solving people’s boredom by providing entertainment. If you upload yourself playing musical instruments such as the guitar, you are providing the solution to people who wants to learn to play that song as well in the same time provide entertainment.

Identify Viewer’s Needs
Viewer’s needs correlates to provided value and it can come from wanting entertainment to how to do and learn something. The specific you can deliver in your message in meeting the viewer’s needs, the higher the chance your video can get rank.

Identify Perfect Subscribers
The successful of your YouTube channel depends on how many subscribers do you have. It is important to know what type of people you want to subscribe to your channel. This can be done by listing out the perfect subscribers or in the marketing terms the customer’s avatar for your channel. You can list down who are your perfect subscriber as a means to identify their characteristics and behaviour.


Creating a brand is not just about creating the banner and logo for your YouTube channel. It is also about linking it with step 1 and that is who your target audiences are. The brand name channel must reflect this and it is encouraged also that you have the exact brand name for your website domain and also other social media platform such Facebook or Instagram. This is to create a consistency for your audiences because most of your audiences will also be visiting other places as well. The brand must be catchy and can be remembered easily by your audiences. Avoid long channel name and also avoid using established brand name as part of your channel name.


If you already have a Gmail or Google account, it is likely that you already have a YouTube account. Go to YouTube at look at the top left of the screen. Tap on that icon and you will see your channel list. If you are new you can create a new brand account under your Google profile. This brand account can also be used in other Google products such as Google+, Google My Business and Google Photos. Read our previous article on how you can open a YouTube channel.


After you created the channel, you can already upload your video. However, it is important for you to create the banner or the channel art of your channel. There are many free service providers that you can get your free banner image. One of it is canva.com or flickr.com. At canva.com, they already a template that is ready to be used as your YouTube channel art. It is important for you to have the channel art as this will show your channel are real and this can have plus factor for the organic ranking from YouTube.


After you have open up your YouTube channel, you then need to put content consistently to sustain the channel. Thanks to modern technology, creating videos is no longer a tedious task as before. All you need is a smartphone camera and a video editing software and that’s it. However, more tools are needed if you want to create more than just a simple video. Below are some of the ways you can use to create YouTube videos to be uploaded to YouTube.
• Create video using iMovie
• Create video from Power Point Slide
• Create video from Screencast
• Create video using Animation Software or Website
• Create video using your smartphones


Once you uploaded a video to YouTube, it is important to learn how to optimize the videos that you uploaded. The optimization is done so that you can get organic traffic to your video. Here are some tips that can help your video rank better in the YouTube search engine.
• Take time to Create Your Video Metadata – Title, Description, Tags
• Create Good Thumbnail Image
• Closed Captioning
• Increase Watch Time by producing good storyline
• Linked your Video to External Platforms

Read also our past article on how to optimize your YouTube video.


Finally, after you have uploaded several videos to your YouTube channel, you can see some activities based on the views and likes from your videos. However, do not expect all viewers will subscribe immediately to your channel. Through consistently uploading great videos only that your subscribers will increase over time. Rinse and repeat step 1 to step 6 to fine-tune your strategy and increase your viewership and subscribers.

So, there you have it. The 7 steps that you can use to create a successful YouTube channel. Let us know if you have any feedback on this or you have another strategy to create a great YouTube channel.

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