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How to Add Moving Emoji to Snapchat Video

How to Add Moving Emoji to Snapchat Video 1

Snapchat have been adding many interesting features nowadays and that is great news for all Snapchatters out there. However, there are also existing feature that some of Snapchat users have not explored yet. One of the interesting feature is that you can add emoji to a video and make it move together with any movement in the video. The result can be very funny and interesting. With all the emoji that Snapchat have, you can use the moving emoji in creating many creative and outstanding Snapchat video.

The emoji have always been there in Snapchat where you can add the emoji into your videos or pictures. Emoji is used to emphasis on certain message that you want to convey in that particular video or image. However, normal emoji are always static and stays at one position that you put only.

What are the benefits of having a moving emoji in your video?

Benefits of moving emoji 2

EMPHASIZE A MESSAGE – If you want to deliver home a specific message to your friend, what better way to have a moving emoji in your video. This will attract your friend’s view and they will get the point immediately.

SHOW CREATIVITY – This is one way you can show your creativity by using the emoji in a creative manner. You can even use several emoji that can fly around your video and amaze your friends by your creativity.

ADD HUMOUR TO MESSAGE – Create a funny snap video by moving the emoji with any animated object in the video. This will avoid of you sending boring snap videos to your friends

SHOW CERTAIN POINTS IN VIDEO – You can use the moving emoji to emphasize certain area or points in your video. Therefore, your friends will be well informed just by viewing your Snap video.

Interested to create a moving emoji in your Snapchat video? Here are three simple steps on how you can do just that.

step 1 how to move emoji 3

Step 1

Open your Snapchat and take a snap video by pushing the circle button in the centre below. Make sure to take video instead of taking a picture. The moving emoji can only work with video.

Step 2

Once done capturing the video, tap the icon as shown to access the emoji menu

Step 3

You will be shown a lot of emoji to choose for. Choose the emoji that you want to use in the video. Remember that you want to create a moving emoji. Therefore select emoji that is most related to what you want to create in the video.

move emoji snapchat 5

Once you chosen the emoji, the emoji will be in stationary mode first in the video. Press the emoji on the screen for more than 3 seconds. The emoji will automatically stick to any movement objects in your video. Press the emoji again if you want to cancel the movement

Once satisfied, tap at the icon below as shown to send to Story.

So, there you have it. The 3 simple steps on how you can add moving emoji into your Snapchat video. Do you have saw any creative snap videos that use moving emoji? Share with us in the comment section below. Before you go, please check our previous article on how to use Snapchat Geofilters as well.

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