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What You Need to Know About Instagram Stories Privacy Settings

November 30, 2017

So, if you are an Instagram users, you might have seen the Instagram stories posted by other people. You also might have posted your own Instagram stories as well. Instagram Stories is basically video or images that you post on Instagram and will disappear in 24 hours. It will appear at the top of your […]


5 Ways How to Make Interesting Instagram Stories (And Create More Engagement)

November 21, 2017

So, you are seeing some of your friends posting Instagram Stories and you having the itch to post your Instagram stories as well. But, you are afraid of posting something lame. Read here if you want to know what Instagram Stories is and how you can create one for your Instagram account. Here we list […]


Top 5 Things to Post on Instagram (And Create Engagement)

November 3, 2017

If you are an avid user of Instagram, you would know that the only constant thing that can increase your followers are putting up content. The sound the material, the more your followers will engage, and this will expose your post to a broader audience. However, not all post are created equal. Therefore, you need […]


Top 5 Ways How to Grow Your Instagram Followers

August 18, 2017

I have to declare here that I am a latecomer to Instagram. I have been focusing on my Facebook account, and only very recently Instagram has captured my attention. I think the main reason I do not like to change or try new social media platform is that your account will be a ghost town […]


5 Tips on How to Use Hashtag on Instagram

December 8, 2016

For people who unaware of hashtag, it is this symbol ‘#’ and normally accompanied by a word or sentences in popular social media platform such as Instagram. For example the usage of hashtag is like this; #socialmedia #socialmediamarketing. Hashtag originated from Twitter but have now become a common tool used by most of the social […]


5 Ways to Use Instagram for your Business

September 23, 2016

Instagram is a popular social media platform that was initially created for sharing of photos. However, the Instagram has now evolved to include many more functions such as the recent Instagram Stories where you can share a 10 second video in a period of 24 hours. Instagram have also increased their daily active users up […]


How to Create Instagram Stories

August 5, 2016

Instagram Stories – Instagram go head to head with Snapchat Instagram have just released a new feature called Instagram stories. For people that are familiar with Snapchat, they will know that Instagram just copied Snapchat stories mode of interface. The advantage of Instagram coming late to this type of interface is that it improves the […]


Top 5 Instagram Tips and Tricks

July 22, 2016

Instagram is a popular photo sharing app that has a reported 300 million daily active users in 2015. The app is very easy to learn and use. It can also integrate well also with other social media platform. If you are already an avid user of Instagram or a first timer, here we list down […]


What is Instagram?

July 20, 2016

What is Instagram? And how you can use it for your business. Instagram is an app that was created as an application for online mobile sharing of photos and videos to your friends and also public. You have the option of sharing your pictures or videos publicly or privately. One of the strength of this […]