7 Steps to Create a Facebook Page

How to create facebook page

A Facebook page is basically a profile created within your personal account in which it can be either private or public page. The Facebook page is specifically created for promoting businesses, brands, communities and even for individuals who have high followings such as celebrities. The difference between a Facebook personal profile and Facebook page is that instead of having friends to add, a Facebook Page collects ‘Like’ from Facebook users. The people who choose to ‘Like’ a page will be given updates from that particular Facebook page in their wall. The Facebook page can also act as a platform for interaction with a group of people who have the same interests, hobbies or cause.

Facebook is and still remains as the largest social media platform with 1.7 billion active monthly users currently. There is also at least 1.1 billion active users logging into Facebook on a daily basis. This huge user base provides a large target audience for any product or services to be market. The most common age of Facebook users are between 25 to 34 years old (Source: Emarketer 2012). However, other age group segment is still very significant as Facebook have huge audience that comprises of other age grouping as well. But before you want to start advertising your product or services in Facebook, the first step is to create a Facebook Page.

Below are the step by step on how you can create a Facebook Page. Here are the steps:-

create facebook page

Step 1
Open your Facebook account and tap at the icon at the top right.

Step 2
A scroll down menu will appear. Choose the ‘Create Page’ section.

create facebook page 2

Step 3
In the ‘Create Page’ section, you will be shown several types of categories to choose from. Choose a category that your page will fit in.

Step 4
Once you click on the category that you want to choose, it will give you a list of sub-categories for you to choose further. Again, please choose a sub-category that relates to your page. In this step also, you will need to name your page. Choose a name that resonates well with your target audiences.

Step 5
Once you have given a name to your page, you are now halfway there. You then need to put a profile picture or logo to your page. Give a brief summary or background to your page. This will help people to understand the objective and reason behind your Facebook page.

create facebook page 3

Step 6
This step is the most important step in the creation of a successful Facebook page. It basically will tell Facebook what are the target audience of your page and which demographics it will likely to attract followers. It is advisable for you to do a bit of research on your target audience before filling up this form.

create facebook page 6

Step 7
Once that is done, you have now officially created a Facebook Page. You can start posting contents or status in that page. However, do not be alarm as at the first launch of page you will have zero followers. Start promoting the page to your friends in your personal profile account. You can also choose to advertise your page in the Facebook platform to get more likes. Remember that with a good content and constant update, your page will get more and more followers.

So, there you have it. A step by step on how to create a Facebook page. If you want to learn on how to create an effective Facebook Ads that can attract people to like your page, read here to learn more.

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