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How to Create Your Own Snapcode for Snapchat

how to create your own snapcode

What is a Snapcode? A Snapcode is basically an image with random black dots and a ghost icon in the middle. Snapcode works similar to a QR code where the black dots composition is unique and represents your Snapchat account. The Snapcode makes it easier for your friend to add you on Snapchat and vice versa. You can also put your Snapcode in your other social media platform as well as print it in your business card or flyers. People with Snapchat account can quickly scan your Snapcode and add you as a friend in their Snapchat account. Read here on how you can add people using Snapcode in Snapchat.
What is snapcode
So, how do you create a Snapcode? Here are the steps for you to quickly create your very own Snapcode.

Step 1
Go to your Snapchat account in the Snapchat website. You can go to
http://www.snapchat.com or

Step 2
After logging into your Snapchat account, choose ‘My Snapcode’

Step 3
You can choose to download the Snapcode or create a new one. The new Snapcode will instantly replace your older Snapcode if you already have one.

Step 4
Once you downloaded your Snapcode, you can then edit your Snapcode to suit your personal preferences. Normally people will add their picture inside the Ghost icon in the middle of the Snapcode.

guidelines for snapcode

However, you can only edit the Snapcode to a certain guidelines set by Snapchat. This is due to the reason that your Snapcode is recognisable by a certain condition of the image. By tampering with that condition will make your Snapcode unusable. Below are the guidelines
1. Do no remove the border or ghost outline
2. Do not break the border or ghost outline
3. Do not tamper with the ghost-to-frame proportions
4. Do not skew or stretch the Snapcode
5. Do not invert the colors
6. Do not print the Snapcode on a high gloss paper

How you can use Snapcode for business and marketing?

Even though Snapchat is being used mostly by teenagers, Snapchat have now being used by big companies and brands now as well. Knowing the huge market of Snapchat users, popular brands are now entering the Snapchat world. One of the easiest way to establish brand and product presence is by creating the Snapcode to your account. Below are some ways that you can use Snapcode for your business.

Use Snapcode for Unlocking Free Information Giveaways

The traditional marketing of giving something for free as a promotion is still valid even during this social media age. By using the Snapcode as an access to your giveaway promotion, will attract people who use Snapchat account to add your brand in their Snapchat circle. Read how Burberry uses the Snapcode for customers to unlock a Snapchat content that leads to bonus information on style and fragrance.

Use Snapcode to attract your followers from other Social Media to your Snapchat account

If you already have a following from other Social Media account, you can use Snapcode as way to attract your followers to follow you and your product also on Snapchat. Look here how Huffington uses a Snapcode on their Twitter icon to attract people to follow them in Snapchat as well.

snapcode for marketing

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