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5 Steps to Create YouTube Video using Power Point


YouTube is a popular social media platform with 4 billion average views daily. Therefore, if you want to get your information or message out into the world, YouTube is the right platform to do so. However, the thought of creating a video can be paralysing to some people as they probably would not know how to even start. When people think about creating video, they would thought of video cameras with production crew. Fortunately, we live in an era where creating content has been made much easier than before. There are many simple ways you can actually create a video and immediately upload it to YouTube for sharing. One of the simple method is by converting your Microsoft power point slide into video.

Below are the steps on how you can convert your slide into a video.

Step 1
Open the slide deck that you want to convert to video. Then choose the ‘File’ option at the top menu


Step 2
Once you are in the File menu, choose the ‘Export’ option.


Step 3
Once you are in the ‘Export’ menu, you can then choose the ‘Create a Video’ function


Step 4
Once you are in the ‘Create a Video’ menu, you can set the video quality by selecting the option of presentation quality, internet quality or low quality. For a YouTube video, you can select either the presentation quality or the internet quality.


You can also set the video to have voice over narrations or not. You can also set the timing for each slide duration in the video in this menu.

Step 5
Finally, after the conversion is complete, you can rename the video and save it to your computer in many different video and audio format. The most popular used is the MP4 format and AAC audio format.


Some other general tips:-
For proper sequence of your slide the video, it is better to create the necessary animation and transition in the slide deck before converting it to a video
You can record laser pointer movements in your video to follow your voice narration of the slides
If there is already an embedded video in your power point, the video will play as well once you convert the slide into a video

So, there you have it. How to convert your power point slide deck into a video that can be uploaded to YouTube. Be sure the check also our past article on how to open a YouTube channel if you have not open one and also the 5 ways you can create videos for YouTube.

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