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How to Disable Facebook Auto-Play Video

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Facebook recognizes the importance of video content in this current internet landscape. As the speed of internet is getting faster and the infrastructure is reaching many more people, video content is here to stay. The video that is uploaded by a Facebook user will play automatically when a user scrolls through their news feed.

However that auto-play is without the sound. You can only see the full screen format with sound by tapping on that video. For internet marketers, this option is a positive improvement that will help them market their product or services efficiently via video content publish in Facebook. However, for users, it can be a bit annoying as video will play in your news feed regardless you want to see it or not.

But if you look deep into this function, it actually gives more benefit to users as they can see a glimpse of what is actually playing in the video instead of just able to see a thumbnail image as a preview like you see in YouTube. By seeing a glimpse of the video, users can then have the option to skip the video or see it in full. The only downside to this is that it can also take a bit more data and also your internet bandwidth. However, you can set the Auto-play video to play only with Wi-Fi only or you can disable this function altogether. Here are the steps to disable the Facebook Auto-play video function.

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Step 1

Open your Facebook account. Tap at the button at the upper far right of your screen.

Step 2

Tap on the ‘Settings’

facebook autoplay

Step 3

Once you are in the ‘Settings’, tap at the ‘Videos’

facebook auto video

Step 4

At the video settings, look at the ‘Auto-Play Videos’. It is set at default but you can then change it to On or Off.


So, there you have it. A simple step by step on how you can disable the Facebook Auto-play video. Please read more on the top 7 Facebook Tips and Tricks here.

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