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5 Steps How to Get Snapchat Friends Fast

how to get friends on snapchat fast

So, you have open up a new Snapchat account but having problem to increase your friends list. Snapchat is not like Facebook or Instagram. You first have to acknowledge this fact before moving further ahead with this Social app. The reason that Snapchat gets more users from millennials is the fact that it is not that open to mainstream users. Millennials do not want to be active in a social platform that also have all their relatives, parents and grandparents. So, if you understand this, you would be more practical in how you can grow your Snapchat friends list. Here are 5 steps on how you can get Snapchat friends fast.


Before you even start to invite friends, make sure you have a proper Snapchat account. Fill up your ghost icon with your picture. Get your own unique Snapcode. Read here on how you can create your own Snapcode. People do not want to add someone where profile looks like a ghost town. Try also to have a snapchat username that people can instantly remember and relates back to you.


add snapchat friends from address book

This is basically the foundation of how Snapchat is designed and created. You create goofy pictures of yourself and some fun stickers to it. Then you send to your closest friends for their reaction. Rarely will people be comfortable in sharing that kind of picture to total stranger. And the best thing with Snapchat, that goofy picture of yourself will disappear in 24 hours. So, you do not have to worry on posting something on the internet and it come back to haunt you when you are interviewing for a job. And that is also why Facebook and Instagram decided to incorporate the same features in their platform.

So, the very first thing you should do once you open a Snapchat account is to add friends using your phone’s contact. Here are the steps. After adding them, just send them a snap and ask them to add you as friend.


add snapchat friends from facebook

This is one of easiest way you can instantly increase your Snapchat friends list. You can either share your Snapchat username or your snapcode to your Facebook friends or Instagram friends. There is no harm in asking. Just a simple post like “Hey, I have created a Snapchat account. Add me if you have Snapchat account also. I will add you back also”. You will be surprise that maybe some of your friends may also want to increase their friends list in their Snapchat account but a bit too shy to ask in public. The good about Facebook and Instagram is the share button. So, if your friends do not have a snapchat account, ask your friend to share your post to their other friends who have a Snapchat account.


So, you have exhausted your close circle friends list, your Facebook friends but still not getting the number of Snapchat friends that you wanted. You can then try submitting your snapchat username at snapchat public directories for other people to add you. The only problem with this is you might get random strangers adding you as a friend. But if you are ok with that, it should not be a problem. Here a list of public directories that you can use.


Another ninja tactic that you can use is to google and find articles similar to this in Google that explains how to get Snapchat friends. Look at the comments section below that article and share your snapchat username there. People who reads this kind of article topic is probably trying to increase their Snapchat friends as well. By sharing your snapchat username there, you will definitely be added to their friends list hoping that you add them back as well.


create snapchat content

Here is another technique of growing your Snapchat friends list fast. Remember that we as human are always attracted to entertainment and knowledge. So, you can use content as a bait to get more followers and friends to your Snapchat account. The key is once you created a creative Snap, make sure to download it to your phone. Use that content and share it at your Facebook, Instagram and also YouTube. Be sure to say that this is create at your snapchat account. If your content is attractive enough to attain viewership, they will try and find you at Snapchat. If you have no idea what kind of creative content that you can create, you can always try to find and follow Snapchat influencer’s. Try to look on what status or stories that they created that have attain high viewership or comments. Try to create your own creative snap based on that.

So, that is all the possible ways you can use to increase your Snapchat friend’s list fast. However, if you are beautiful hot smoking girl or Brad Pitt look-alike or a celebrity, this tips does not apply to you. You only need to post yourself doing selfies and that is enough to attract followers. However, for the rest of us mere mortals, this is the only way to increase our friends list. Happy trying and comment below if you have any more interesting ideas to increase Snapchat friends fast. Be sure also to check our previous article on the top 5 Snapchat tips and tricks.

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