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How Instagram is Different from Snapchat?

instagram versus snapchat

Due to the popularity of Snapchat among teen users as well as Gen-X, Instagram have taken their app up a notch and have included several functions that are similar to Snapchat. However, if you are new to either of these two amazing apps, you probably want to know what is the differences? Depending on how you intend to use the app, each social media app have its own strength and uniqueness. Here are some explanation on the difference between these two apps.

The different function between Instagram and Snapchat are as follows:-


snaphchat vs instagram content

One of the main unique selling proposition of Instagram is how it relies heavily on visual content from the users. Therefore, it does not have much diverse content compared to other social media platform. However, Instagram users does have the option to post a 60 second video.

The content in Snapchat is heavily video oriented. Snapchat is founded based on users able to post disappearing videos. Therefore, it relies heavily on this type of content. However, Snapchat allows only up to 10 seconds of video length.


instagram vs snapchat editing

Because Instagram is a visual based social media platform, it comes with an image editing features. This allows a normal picture that was uploaded by the users are enhanced to be of high quality as well as more attractive.

Snapchat does have an interesting feature that Instagram does not have. This function is call filters. The filters can be used on the 10 second video Snapchat that users have uploaded. It contains emoji, text as well as special effects that you can add to your 10 second video. These filters lets the users to be creative in terms of the video content that they produced and share in their stories.


instagram vs snapchat cross promotion


If you are not aware of it, Facebook owns Instagram. Therefore it is very easy to cross promote your content in Instagram to Facebook. You can easily post the same updates, videos or images that you uploaded to Facebook as well as in Instagram. Instagram also allows cross content promotion to Twitter, Tumblr, Flickr and Swarm.

Snapchat does not have any cross promotion features with other social media platform yet. The video that you post in Snapchat immediately disappears in 24 hours. However you have the option of downloading your own video that you posted on your stories. This video can be re-purposed to other types of content that be re-post in other social media platform.


Instagram can automatically detect your friends that you have Facebook that have open a new Instagram account. It will notify you whether you want to add follow that friend or not in Instagram. It also allows you to invite your Facebook friend to follow you at Instagram,

Snapchat does not have any synching capability yet added so far. However, it is not possible in the near future Snapchat will add this capability.


instagram vs snapchat similarities

Both are mobile based – Both apps are created designed and created for mobile phone users in mind. Therefore, your account is linked with your phone number.

Both have the ‘Stories’ features – Even though Snapchat started this first, Instagram follow suit this function as this function proves to be popular among the millennials. The stories you post will remain for your followers to see and will disappear in 24 hours.

Both have now live stream functions – Snapchat already have this function way before Instagram. The live stream is where users can post live feed. All of your followers will instantly be notified if you are currently broadcasting live.

So, there you have it. The difference between Instagram and Snapchat and also their similarities in terms of function. Be sure to read also our previous articles on how you can add friends in Snapchat as well as how you can use hashtag more efficiently in Instagram.

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