How to Keep a Snapchat Streak Going

How to Keep a Snapchat Streak Going

Snapchat Streak is one of the unique and interesting functions only applicable to Snapchat. The fire emoji together with the number of days will appear beside your Snapchat friend’s name representing the number of days you have been snap chatting with each other each day without fail.

It is a way to show to the world that you are having constant communication with your friends or best friends. It is also about getting the award via a streak emoji which solidifies the relationship you have with your friends. Therefore, a Snapchat streak is considered one of the sought after snapchat emoji that most snapchat users are aiming for.

If you are not familiar with Snapchat Streak, read here on our previous article on what is snapchat streak. Here we list down 5 awesome tips on how you can keep your Snapchat streak going.


If you have hundreds of friends in Snapchat and in constant snapchat messaging with multiple people, it might be easy to lose track of who you are keeping a streak with. Therefore, it is best that you organise your friends that you want to keep a streak. The contact in your Snapchat account is arranged by alphabets.

Therefore if you are having a streak of multiple people and their name starts with different alphabet it would be hard for you to keep track. One way is by putting a number or put A1, A2 A3 in front of the friend’s name that you want to have a streak. You can change and edit their name by following this steps.

Keep track of your snapstreak friends 1

Step 1
Open your Snapchat account. Tap “My Friends”

Step 2
At the “My Friends” menu, tap the name of friends that you intend to have a Snapchat streak.

Keep track of your snapstreak friends 2

Step 3
You will be shown a menu option. Tap “Settings”

Step 4
Choose the “Edit Name”. Rename your friend and put the alphabet A followed by number 1.

Repeat again with other friends name that you want to have a Snapchat streak with.

This way, your list of snapchat streak friends will always be at the top, and you will be able to keep track.


If snapchat streaking is not a normal routine for you, you might have a difficult time maintaining a Snapchat streak. This is due to the continuous commitment that is needed for you to successfully achieve a 100-day streak or more with a friend. Therefore, it is important that you incorporate snapchatting into a daily routine for you.
Here is how you can use your phone’s calendar as a way to remind you to send a snap to your friend every day without fail.

Snapchat streak with phone calendar 1

Step 1
In your iPhone, tap the calendar icon

Step 2

Tap the “+” icon to enter the new event detail setting

Snapstreak with phone calendar 2

Step 3
In the new event setting, type the reminder’s title and tap the “Alert” function

Step 4
Choose any duration you want for your iPhone to alert you to send snap every day

snapstreak friend with calendar 3

Step 5
Make sure to enable the “Repeat” to daily so that you will be reminded daily for your Snapchat streak


Another way that you can use to remind you to send a snap every day is by using Siri. Yes, your iPhone’s Siri can help remind you daily on who to snap to maintain your streak. Here are steps you can make to enable Siri to remind you daily to send a snap to your friends.

snapstreak using siri

Step 1
Press your iPhone home button more than 3 seconds to activate Siri

Step 2
Ask Siri to “Remind me to send Snap to [your friend’s name] every day. Siri will then automatically create a recurring reminder


reward for snapchat streak

A Snapchat streak only works if both of you are sending snaps to each other every day without fail. Therefore, if you are the only one who remembers to send snap but your friend fails to do so, the streak will be broken. However, you can motivate each other by rewards if both of you manage to hit a milestone with the Snapchat streak.

For example, you can treat your friend for a lunch if both of you manage to achieve 50 days. Then, your friend’s turn to treat you out for a lunch if both of you manage to hit 100 days. Therefore, the motivation is there for both of you to reach a certain snapchat streak milestone.


delegate snapchat streak

If you are too busy to send a snap but still want to maintain the Snapchat streak, probably the best option is to delegate. This can only be done by giving your Snapchat account password to someone you trust and the same time, he or she does not mind doing the snap message on your behalf. This way, it can take off some of the responsibility of replying to a snap every day to your friend if you are too busy with something else.

So, there you have it. 5 tips on how you can keep the Snapchat Streak going on with your friends. Leave us a comment on how you maintain your Snapchat streak with your friends. Check out also other Snapchat trophies that you might have interest in unlocking in our previous article here 15 Snapchat trophies you can easily unlocked.

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