How to Open a YouTube Channel


If you wondered why you need to open a YouTube channel, here are some interesting statistics on YouTube. Based on, there are 1 billion users surfing the YouTube Channel with 4 billion video are viewed daily with an average of 40 minutes spent. Apart from Facebook, YouTube can be considered the second largest active daily users. So, if you want to get some traffic or promotion to your brand or product or even to yourself, this platform is the place to go. Here we give you the step by step on how to open a YouTube channel.

youtube-statistics 2017

Step 1
If you already have a Gmail or Google account, it is likely that you already have a YouTube account. Go to YouTube at look at the top left of the screen. Tap on that icon and you will see your channel list. If you are new you can create a new brand account under your Google profile. This brand account can also be used in other Google products such as Google+, Google My Business and Google Photos.

Step 2
In your Google account setting in Youtube, tap the “Create a new channel”

Step 3
You can name your brand account here. Choose a brand account name that resonates with the target audience you want to capture. Avoid using established brand name and keep your brand name simple and catchy. The successful promotion of your channel depends also on how people remember your channel and how it is different from any other channel out there in YouTube.

Step 4
After you created the channel, you can already upload your video. However, it is important for you to create the banner or the channel art of your channel. There are many free service providers that you can get your free banner image. One of it is or At, they already a template that is ready to be used as your YouTube channel art. It is important for you to have the channel art as this will show your channel are real and this can have plus factor for the organic ranking from Youtube.

Customize Youtube Channel

Step 5
Create and upload your video. You can create a video with many methods nowadays. Here are some methods for you to create a video for Youtube.

1. Record using a video camera
2. Record using your smartphone
3. Create animation video. You can go to sites such as, to create animation
4. Record screen cast from your computer. You can use site such as
5. Create video narration from your powerpoint slide

Step 6
However, if you are expecting to get tons of traffic as soon as you upload your video, you are up to a dissappointment. Therefore it is important you do some optimizing to the details of your video. Remember millions of videos are uploaded to Youtube every single day. The good news is that not many people optimize their video SEO. So, if you do some optimizing, the higher the chance you can get organic traffic to your video.
Here are some SEO optimising tips for your video.

youtube seo 2017

1. Take time to Create Your Video MetaData – Title, Description, Tags
2. Create Good Thumbnail Image
3. Use the Closed Captioning
4. Increase your watch time
5. Use the Annotations

How to Delete Your YouTube Channel

If you want to delete your YouTube Channel, here are the steps:-

Step 1
Open your brand account channel setting and choose the “Advanced”

delete youtube account

Step 2
In the “Advanced” settings go to the below of your brand account and find the “Delete Channel” button

Step 3
Reconfirm by ticking the box for permanently deleted option and then tap on the “Delete My Content”. This will delete your YouTube brand channel account as well as all videos in that brand account.

So, there you have it. The steps needed for you to open your first YouTube Channel. The key to developing your channel is be consistent in uploading your videos. You need to keep uploading new content so that potential subscribers will know that your channel is an active channel. Once you uploaded several videos, you will then able to see the analytics of visitors in your account channel. Learn to measure this statistics and fine-tune the future content that you will upload to your channel in the future. And if you have a Google Adsense account, you can immediately link your Adsense account with your YouTube channel and start making some money.

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