How to Organize Friends in Facebook

So, you just met this person in a seminar and then suddenly you receive their request to add as friend. Or your business client suddenly send a request to be your friend. You are in dilemma to accept as your Facebook profile might show some whacky stuff that you do that might change the perception that they have on you. So, how do you add someone is not your friend and in the same time control the things that they see and maintain your privacy? Luckily, Facebook acknowledged this awkward situation the Facebook users faced and have introduced categories to your friends list. Here are the categories.

Close Friends – The category where you can actually be notified each time your friends in this category post something in Facebook.

Acquaintances – This category is reserve for that person you just met in seminar or probably someone in your past (Ex-girlfriend maybe). Once you put a friend in this category, their posts will appear less frequently in your Facebook news feed. When you want to post something, you can also have the option to exclude them by choosing the option share with Friends except Acquaintances.

Restricted – Here is where you put your boss or clients. This category is reserved for people who you add as friend but they can only see your wall as shown to public. They can also see your post or pictures is you tag them. This is a polite way of still accepting them as friend but you draw the line in showing your personal life to this group of people. And also do not worry, they would not know that they are put in this category unless you told them

So, here are the step by step on how to organize your friends in Facebook.

organize friends in facebook

Step 1
Open your Facebook account and tap on the ‘Friends’ section

Step 2
Once you tap the ‘Friends’ section you will see a list of your friends in Facebook. Select the friends you want to de-categorized

friend category facebook

Step 3
Tap at this button and you will be given choices of categories to pick. You can either leave it at default and that is the Friend category or change it to close friend or acquaintances. Each category has its own limitation to the newsfeed.

So, there you have it. Three simple steps on how you can organize and categorized your friends in Facebook.

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