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How to Send Snapchat Stories to Someone Else

How to send snapchat stories to someone else (cover)

Snapchat stories is a feature that was first introduced by Snapchat as a way for Snapchat users to tell their stories in a visualised manner. This format have been well received by social media users that it forces Instagram and Facebook to later adapt a similar function in their app. Snapchat stories is intended as a mean to share from a user to their group of friends. Read here on how you can create Snapchat stories.

However, there are some Snapchat users who wants to create a more private Snapchat stories and only share it with certain people. There are also Snapchat users who wants to send their stories to one person only.

Some of the main reasons Snapchat users wants to send a private Snapchat stories are as follows:-

snapchat stories private 1

Share Secret places – If you are visiting a place that you do not want many people to know. You can create a snapchat stories and then only share it with your close friends only. This way, you would keep the place secret as well as able to share it with your close friends as well.

Preparing secret events – You can use this option as a way to prepare secret events with your close buddies. This can be a surprise birthday party or any secret events that can only be shared with close friends. Read also how you can use Pinterest secret board to organize secret events as well here.

Share private messages – You can use the Snapchat stories mode as a mean to share private messages with your close friends.

Create more personal stories – By limiting the people who can view your stories, you can be more bold and creative in creating your personal snapchat stories. You can share this stories knowing that he or she will not tell anybody about it.

Snapchat in recognising this needs have added the ability of the apps for a more customized snapchat stories. This custom snapchat stories can be limited to a specific contacts and even to certain group of friends within an identified geofence area.

Similar to the normal Snapchat stories, the stories will disappear after 24 hours. However, you can also let the person who you share your snapchat stories to add their snap as well as a reply to your Snapchat stories. The stories will disappear after you or the person you send it did not put any new snapchat stories after 24 hours.
So, here are the simple steps on how you can send snapchat stories to someone else.

send snapchat stories to one person 2

Step 1
Open your Snapchat app and tap the three circles with the label “Stories” icon right below here.

Step 2

In the Stories menu, tap the icon here

send snapchat stories to someone 3

Step 3
Put a title to your stories and choose the person you want to send here at “Who can view?”

Step 4
At the “Who can view?” select the person or friend that you want share your stories with. Make sure that the contact has also added you as their Snapchat friend.

send snapchat stories to selected people 4

Apart from sending your snap to a specific person or contact, you can also send it to your friends within a certain area. You can send your Snapchat stories to your friends in your neighbourhood or at the vicinity of your school. You can do this by choosing the Geofence option and set the geographical location there.

So, there you have it. Simple steps on how you can send your Snapchat stories to someone else. Be sure to check our previous article on how to create Snapchat Group Story.

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