What is Snapchat 100 Days Streak?

100 day snapchat streak

Snapchat has becoming the latest social media platform that is gaining popularity especially with the Millennials generation. It allows users to send 10 seconds video added with filters to your Snapchat friends. These many functions has been an instant hit to Millennials as they are technology friendly and are able to learn all the Snapchat function fast.

One of the interesting function that Snapchat introduces is the Snapchat 100 day streak. This Snapchat streak or also known as Snapstreak is a way for Snapchat to encourage users to use Snapchat continuously with their friends for 100 days. So what is a Snapchat 100 Day Streak? You are having a Snapstreak if you keep sending a Snapchat message to a friend and that friend also been sending a snap message to you every day without fail. Snapchat will give you an indicator of how many days have you been sending snap message to this friend based on the fire sign. The fire sign also will show how many days you have reached.

So, if your fire sign shows you are having a Snapstreak with a particular snapchat friend for 80 days straight, you need to keep up another 20 days to reach the 100 day streak. A 100 day symbol will appear once you reached this level. This Snapstreak is also a two-way thing as both Snapchatter need to send their Snap to each other every day continuously until the 100 days. If one fails to do so, the streak ends and you have to do it all over again.

So, what does the Snapchat 100 day streak symbolizes? With other social media platform and instant messaging, there is no tracking of the numbers of messages that was sent to a particular friend. You need to count it manually if you want to know. With this Snapstreak feature, you will know who you interact with the most and the fire sign indicator shows that you and your friend are on fire with Snapchatting. This is a positive thing as relationship will grow closer through constant communication with each other. You will also know who among your Snapchat friend you interact the most and who are not. Snapchat rewards this continuous Snapchat communication by giving the 100 day Snapchat fire sign. You can also celebrate your 100 Day Snapchat Streak by showing to others that you have reached that milestone.

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