How Snapchat Streaks Work?

how snapchat streaks work

Snapchat unlike other social media platform likes to reward the social relationship established between users in their platform. This includes the trophy given based on the activities you have done in Snapchat. They also have Snapchat scores that is determined by several factors including how you interact with your Snapchat friends. Read more here to learn on Snapchat Scores and how it works.

snapchat streak flame emoji 3

One of the popular trophy is the Snapchat Streak trophy. You will see the snapchat streak flame emoji besides your friends name if you and that particular friend have been snapping within each other for more than one consecutive days. The snapchat streak is only for snap message only and therefore chatting with your friend does not count. In order to keep the snapchat streak icon alive, both you and your friend must be sending a snap to each other within 24 hours and on a daily basis.

Snapchat will also give you a reminder if a snapchat streak is about to be broken by showing the hourglass emoji. Send a snap to your friend immediately and the hourglass icon will disappear. The snapchat streak will be broken if no one sends a snap within 24 hours.

You can always restart a streak back by sending a snap back and forth with your friend again and maintain the consistency. A 100 icon will show besides the snap streak icon if you have been sending snap with each other for more 100 days consecutively. Read here our previous article on what is the Snapchat 100 day’s streak.
So, you now know what a Snapchat streak is and how to begin a streak.

Now let’s list down what are the benefits of having a Snapchat streak with your friends.

benefits of snapchat streak

1. FUN SOCIAL GAME THING TO DO WITH YOUR CLOSE FRIEND – Snapchat streak is one of the activity that is only unique to Snapchat. You would not found this type of relationship activity label in any other social media platform. It is a fun thing you can do with your friends and the activity only unique to your friend who is a snap chatter.

2. BRAGGING RIGHTS – We have seen it at other people’s newsfeed when they reach that 100 day snapchat streak and the 100 icon appears. This is something they can share with other and it comes also with the bragging rights. There are even world longest snapchat streak record that have been made by snap chatters. Maybe you can break that world record.

3. SHOW RELATIONSHIP COMMITMENT TO YOUR BEST FRIENDS– In Snapchat, you will have normal friends, acquaintances, families and best friends. With snapchat streak icon appearing besides a friend’s name, you will know the level of commitment that you and your friend give to the relationship. It helps distinguished who are your best friends based on who you snap the most.

4. STARTING A RELATIONSHIP– Here is an interesting way to utilize the snapchat streak. If you have a crush, it is one of the way to break the ice. You can start sending a snap to him or her every day. If he or she responded with a snap, send back a snap immediately. If you do this more than one consecutive day, the fire streak will appear besides your name in his or her Snapchat account. This will show your seriousness in having a relationship with him or her. The streak might led to a much more serious relationship.

So, now that you know the benefits of Snapchat streak, how do you maintain a streak? Here are some tips for you:-

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1. MAKE IT A MORNING ROUTINE– Most of people have morning routine in which they do it habitually it becomes a part of their daily life. You can put a quick snap to your friend as part of your morning routine. This way you will never miss a snap.

2. MAKE IT A DAILY REPORTING THING – You can make snapchat streak much more fun if you incorporate it to the things you do daily. For example, if you jog every morning, make it a habit to post a snap about your run for the day.

3. DON’T PROCRASTINATE – Even though snapping probably is not the most priority thing to do, never procrastinate. Send one immediately so that you can get on with other things to do in your daily life.

4. COMMIT TO A GOAL WITH YOUR FRIENDS – Snapchat streak is a two way thing. Both of your friend must be committed or else it would not work. So, it is best you and your friend to have a goal of having snapchat streak for a certain duration of time.

So, there you have it. The in and out of the Snapchat streak and how you can maintain a streak. If you have any other tips or experience you have with Snapchat streak, please share with us at the below comments. Please also read our previous article on how Snapchat best friends works.

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