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Top 5 Effective Ways to Use Pinterest for Business

Top 5 Effective Ways Using Pinterest for Business (Cover)

Pinterest has been one of the more interesting social platforms there is in the market nowadays. With most of the popular social media platform focusing on the story mode and live function, Pinterest has so far maintained to its original root and objectives. And the objectives of Pinterest is to be the catalogue of ideas for the internet. And so far it has been doing a good job.

There have been many misconceptions on Pinterest. One of them is that only women are using Pinterest. Another main perception also is that Pinterest is only full of pin on fashion, food and wedding craft. However, setting aside that perception, Pinterest can be leverage for expanding the market for your business no matter in which market you are in.


Yes, Pinterest does have a business account. And yes, it is free. And yes, you can switch back and forth between your account and your business account. You can go to http://business.pinterest.com to enable your Pinterest for a business account. Read here also on how you can verify your website at Pinterest.

However, you probably wonder what is the advantages of having a Pinterest business account? Here are five effective ways how you can use Pinterest as leverage to grow your business or promote your brand.


Use Pinterest as funnel 2

The rate of sharing in Pinterest is way high compared to Facebook and Instagram. This is due to the reason that Pinterest is all about sharing. Sharing in Pinterest case is pinning and re-pinning. That is the main activity of Pinterest users. Almost 90% of Pinterest users use Pinterest to plan for their shopping. This includes browsing and pinning possible shopping list that they later can use for purchase.

Therefore Pinterest users are a group of people who hunger for information. Their behaviour in using Pinterest will be a bit different compared to when they are using Facebook and Instagram. Statistics have shown that Pinterest users are more likely to buy things compared to when they are using other social media platform. This gives your business an added advantage if you market it properly in Pinterest.


Use Pinterest as brand builder 3

If you are seen as providing a good and reliable sources of information, your business will be seen as a credible organisation. A good infographic will go a long way on Pinterest. If you put your company logo in the infographic, you need to make sure the content shared does resonate with the branding and image of your company. If the infographics give useful information, it will lead to Pinterest users to pin and re-pin the material. A good infographics will have a long shelf life in Pinterest. The higher the number your pin is shared by Pinterest users, the higher the credibility that you or your company will get.


Use pinterest as leads 4

In Pinterest, you can share many types of content. This includes your blog article, videos as well as infographics. So, for example, if you have a YouTube channel, you can share the thumbnail of the video in Pinterest to drive some of the traffic in Pinterest to your YouTube channel. If you have a blog, you can use a cover picture for a specific article in your blog and share it in Pinterest. You can also share your Post in Instagram and pin it in Pinterest to get some traffic from Pinterest to your Instagram account.


Use Pinterest to build networks 5

Pinterest can be a good place to gain followers. You can also see specific interest of each follower based on the board that they created. Therefore, it is a good place to network as you can instantly meet new people that have the same interest as you. Try to utilize the group board. As Pinterest users also create their own Pinterest boards based on their interest, you can immediately know whether the person has the same interest as you or not.

Pinterest is also good place to start a community on certain hobby or passion. You can create secret Pinterest board as well to share some of your findings to a certain close group of people. Learn how to create secret Pinterest board here.


Use Pinterest to learn consumers behavior 6

Unlike Facebook, the medium here is quite straightforward. It is a place where you visit to learn and gather information. Almost 90% of Pinterest users use Pinterest to get ideas on their plans. Some use it as a reference for their shopping as well as their vacation. It is quite different from other social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. It can be safely said that Pinterest the other distraction that comes from social media but put emphasis on what matters and that is content.

However, in Business, you can use it as a way to learn about your potential consumer behaviour. You can scan through their board. View the items that they have pin for their vacation or shopping list. This can give you market insight in which you can plan your next services or product for your business.

So, there you have it. Five effective ways how you can use Pinterest to further develop your business in this digital age. Please leave us a comment below on how you have effectively used Pinterest for you own business or personal brand. Be sure to check our previous article on how you can increase your followers in Pinterest.

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