Top 5 Instagram Tips and Tricks

Instagram tips and tricks

Instagram is a popular photo sharing app that has a reported 300 million daily active users in 2015. The app is very easy to learn and use. It can also integrate well also with other social media platform. If you are already an avid user of Instagram or a first timer, here we list down 5 Instagram tips and tricks you can learn.

1. View Instagram Photos Online

view Instagram onlineYou can view Instagram photos of your account online by going to[Your account name]. Example, if you are Jessica Alba : ) (Oh..I wish), you can view your account by going to Simple is it. You can also view your account on third party provider website such as and also

2. Sending Instagram Photos direct to your friends

You can actually use your Instagram app as an instant messaging platform. You can send photos or videos that you take direct to your friends or contacts in your phone. Here are the steps to do that.

Instagram direct

Step 1

Open Instagram and choose the photo or video you want to send.

Step 2

Edit the video or pictures and also you can add filters if necessary

Instagram direct friendsInstagram direct friends

Step 3

Once done, tap on the Share button below

Step 4

Tap on ‘Direct’ button above and select the friends in your contact that you want the photos or videos to be send

3.  Create Time-lapse or Looping Videos

Instagram have introduced several stand-alone apps that can be integrated with Instagram. One of the popular app is the ‘Hyperlapse’ app. This app allows users to create a time-lapse video. A time-lapse video is good for personal use as you attract more followers to like and comment. A time-lapse video is also good for business marketing purposes. A looping video can also be created by using an app call ‘Boomerang’. Again, the objective of this type of short video post is to attract followers to like and comment. It is also fun to make a fun video for your follower to enjoy.


4.  Create Collages from your Photos

instagram layout
Ever have that moment that you have multiple photos but you do not know which one to share. How about sharing them all at once in one photo? You can do that by creating collage using an App call Layout. By using Layout you can choose how many photos you want to collate and it is very simple to use. A Collage also attracts your follower to like your photo and interact with your post more. It also good for advertising.


5. Manage Multiple Instagram Account

Instagram has now allow users to have multiple Instagram account. Therefore you can create many accounts as you want and manage it on the Instagram app. You can do that by adding the account on your Instagram app. Then the app lets you switch to multiple account just by tapping on the icon. Here are the steps that you need to do to add account.

instagram multiple accountinstagram multiple account

Step 1

Open Instagram and go to your profile and tap the top right icon

Step 2

Scroll down and tap ‘Add Account’

Instagram will then ask for your other account username and password. Once you fill up the details, you will now have that additional account on your app.

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