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Top 5 Things to Post on Instagram (And Create Engagement)

If you are an avid user of Instagram, you would know that the only constant thing that can increase your followers are putting up content. The sound the material, the more your followers will engage, and this will expose your post to a broader audience.

However, not all post are created equal. Therefore, you need to know what kind of Instagram post that can attract followers as well as generate engagement to your posting. You can also leverage this knowledge to further enhance your product and brand image. Here are the top 5 things that you can post on Instagram.


what to post on instagram 2

The citizens of the internet always have a thing for cute dogs and cats. Therefore, if you have this adorable pets, why not post their pictures once in a while. A video of them doing cute things will create high engagement. Hashtag your post correctly, and your post can get the attention of many Instagram users.


what to post on instagram 3

Yes, just behind pets, posting about food will create engagement with your audience. People just like to see salivating images of food. The more rare and expensive your food, the more likes and comments you can get. The picture of food can be from your cooking or from a restaurant that you are currently dining. Use filters to enhance the images of the food to get the best interaction.


what to post on instagram 4

If your hobby is to travel, post about your journey will get attention from your followers. The far and exotic place you visit, the higher engagement (And attract jealousy as well). It is also good if you can insert your travel adventure in the Instagram stories as well. If you can’t travel, post pictures of places you want to visit. This can also excite people as well if you have the same dream destination with some of your followers.


what to post on instagram 5

Somehow, people on Instagram just love motivational quotes. Added that with beautiful pictures and scenery images, your post will get a ton of likes and also possible comments. You can visit Canva to get the images needed to create your motivational quotes post. Just make sure that your profile is public and put hashtag that is related to your quote.


what to post on instagram 6

So, you don’t have pets, don’t travel as much, and don’t like to take a picture of the things you eat and not so much on motivational quotes. So, what is it then you can post on Instagram? You definitely must have some skills or info that people like to learn and know.

If you are into gaming, a screenshot of your current game level added with the right hashtag will create the specific engagement that you want. Or, you into DIY, posting snippets of your DIY project and its progress will attract people who want to know more how you are progressing with the project.

So, there you have it. Five things that you can post on Instagram that can create high engagement. Please also read our previous article on how to leverage Instagram for your business. Leave us a comment on what do you often post on Instagram.

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