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Top 5 Ways How to Find Snapchat Usernames

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For social media users who have just starting to use Snapchat, one of their main concern is probably on how to increase their Snapchat friends. Even though you can populate your Snapchat friends with your close friends and families first, it will come a time when you want to expand your Snapchat friends even more. Unlike Facebook or Instagram, Snapchat has not made it easy for a user to add random strangers to your friend’s list. You need to know their snapchat usernames first before you can add them as your Snapchat friends.

The more friends you added in your Snapchat, the more diverse and happening your Snapchat account will be. Read here our previous articles on how to add random Snapchat users. Here we are going to list down the top 5 ways how you can find Snapchat usernames so that you can immediately increase your Snapchat connections.


find snapchat usernames directories 2

One of the easiest ways to find random snapchat usernames to add is by browsing Snapchat usernames web directories. You can find directories like this by searching in Google for “Snapchat usernames directories”. Here are some websites that you can explore to look for random Snapchat usernames to add.


How to find other social media users? How about finding them in a social media platform. So, in this case, you can utilize popular social media platform such as Facebook to find Snapchat usernames posted there. Here are the simple steps how you can do this.

Step 1
Open your Facebook. Tap at the search box at the above

Step 2
Type in “Snapchat usernames” in the search box

find snapchat usernames in facebook 3

Step 3
Facebook will show you several results. Browse through the pages and groups shown. Some pages or groups you need to join first. Add the snapchat usernames shared in this pages or groups.


There are several ways how you can find Snapchat usernames on YouTube. One of the easiest ways is to use the search function. Here are the steps on how you can use the search function on YouTube to find Snapchat usernames.

find snapchat usernames in youtube 4

Step 1
Open YouTube. Type “Snapchat usernames” in the search box.

Step 2
Browse the result of the pages shown by YouTube. You can add the Snapchat usernames and the Snapcode shown in the video that was shared.

Another way to find Snapchat usernames on YouTube is to look at the comment section. Brows the videos posted on YouTube on Snapchat usernames. Look at the comment sections. You will find some people posted their usernames so others can add.


Another channel instead of Facebook that you can use to search for Snapchat usernames is by browsing Instagram hashtags. Read here for the explanation of how to use the hashtag in Instagram. Here are the simple steps you can take on how you can search Snapchat usernames in Instagram.

Step 1
Open your Instagram

Step 2
Tap the magnifying glass icon at the below part of your Instagram. You will then shown a search box option

find snapchat usernames in instagram 5

Step 3
Choose “Tags”. Type “Snapchat usernames” in the search box

Step 4

Browse the result of the pages shown by Instagram. Add the Snapchat usernames, or Snapcode showed there.


So, if you are lazy to find Snapchat usernames, why not let the random snapchat usernames come to you instead. You can use the four methods mention above, but instead of adding the Snapchat usernames found there, you can broadcast your Snapchat username there. Here are the ways.

broadcast your snapchat username 6

1. You can submit your Snapchat usernames in the Snapchat username directories.
2. You can join the Facebook page on the Snapchat usernames and post your Snapchat usernames there
3. You can put up a video of you on YouTube and insert your Snapcode or Snapchat username in the video and also in the description of the video. Read here on how you can create a simple video for your YouTube channel.
4. You can post a status update in Instagram together with your Snapchat username. Then you put the hashtag #snapchatusernames in your post so that other Instagrammers can find you.

So, there you have it. The best five ways on how you can search the internet for Snapchat usernames. Be sure to leave us a comment on how you search for Snapchat usernames. Or you can also share your Snapchat username in the comment section below for others to add you.

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