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5 Simple Steps on How to Use Snapchat Group Story

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Snapchat, the app that lets users share photos and video sharing to your friends, have introduced another yet innovative feature call group video story. The feature update is the first of its kind in the social media platform as of to date and this can be seen as Snapchat effort to compete ahead from Instagram and Facebook.

So, what is the Snapchat group video story? It is a feature that lets users create a group video surrounding a certain event such as wedding, graduation ceremony, reunion party, concert or birthday party as an example. You can then create a group video and then invite your friends to add their video as well to that group video. It will then become a compilation of snap video surrounding that event but taken at different angle from all of your friends.

snapchat group story how it works 4

Another thing about this collaborative story is that the group stories will only disappear after 24 hours have passed without anyone adding a new photo or video into that story. So, you and your friends can keep a story alive as long as possible if they are any of your friends who keep adding a clip or picture into it.

Another interesting thing with the new feature is the Geofence feature. All your friends and their friends can add to the story as well as view it as long as they are within the Geofence perimeter.

The good thing about this feature is that it will attract people that do not use Snapchat to start using it. The reason is because if some of your friends created a group video story, and asked you to contribute to it, the only you can share is by using the Snapchat app. The end result of the video group story would be a total recording of the event from different perspectives and timeline as well.

what event i can cover using snapchat group story 3

Imagine if you want to create a group video story on your graduation ceremony, you can create snap video of yourself preparing for that event and attending it. Once you invite other of your friends to contribute their video clip to that group story, they will also share their preparation as well as what happen during the graduation ceremony.

Here are the 5 simple steps on how to use Snapchat group story

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Step 1
Open your Snapchat and tap the “Stories” icon below

Step 2
In the “Stories” menu, tap the plus icon at the top above

how to use group story 6

Step 3
Put a title to your story and choose who can add to your story and who can view the group story

Step 4
Create a Geofence where only your invited friends within the event area can add to the group story. Tap the “Create Story” icon below after finish setting.

how to use snapchat group stories 7

Step 5
You can start adding your snap video or images here. Your invited friends can also add their video clips or pictures to the group story you have created.

So, that’s it. 5 simple steps that you can follow to immediately use this amazing new feature from Snapchat. Please leave a comment below on how you think about this new feature.

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