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How to Use Snapchat Snap Map (It is easier than you think)

How to use Snapchat Snap Map 1

In keeping with the competition, Snapchat have introduced a new game changing feature called Snap Map. The Snap Map is a feature where it lets your friend find your location in a map called Snap Map in real time. You as well can see the location of your friends. You can instantly access the Snap Map by pinching the Snapchat camera home screen. It gives a precise enough location that it makes you worry if you have strangers stalking you or your kids.

However, Snapchat does gives the flexibility of turning this option off by enabling the Ghost Mode. You can also select which friends can see your location. However, if you choose the “My friends” option, all your friends and your future added friends will be able to see where you are.

Minus the creepiness of strangers able to see you where you are, here are some interesting and positive things you can do with Snap Map.

How can i use snapchat snap map 2

1. Find your friends

The obvious thing you can do with Snap Map is to find where your friends are. If you find one of your friends are nearby, maybe you can snap them a message. Your friends also can locate you instantly.

2. Share Cool places

If you are travelling to a cool place and you want to share the exact location with your friends, now you can do that. Just disable your Ghost Mode and share your locations with your friends. Pair this with Snap stories of that place, your friends can also see where the place are in a map.

3. See Happenings and Events

The Snap Map search is an interesting feature in which you can search and see the cool happenings around the world. Just zoom in and out of that map, and you can see Snap videos and pictures around the world. Whether it is to see a snap of a live concert or launch event, just take a peek of other people’s snap at that particular event or space.

4. Share Live Training or Demo / Webinars

This is an interesting way to utilize the Snap Map. Just like Periscope, people can now reach a much wider audiences. Therefore, you can do snap stories of your training. People who are browsing through the map can found you and see your snap on your training.

5. Track your lost phone

If you lost your phone either by theft or misplaced, you can use the Snap Map as a way to find the whereabouts of your phone. As long as your phone is on and connected to the internet. All you need to do is as your friend who was added to your friend in Snapchat to open up the Snap Map.

So, interested or curious about the Snap Map? Here is a step by step on how you can use the Snap Map in Snapchat.

what is snapchat snap map 3

Step 1
Open your Snapchat. Once you are at the Camera screen menu, pinch your finger in that screen. It will then open up the Snap Map.

snapchat snap map 4

Step 2
By default, you will automatically be on the “Ghost Mode”. The Ghost mode is where only you can see your location and no one else can. You can then set in the settings and choose either all of your friends of select friends only can see your location. You can turn on and off the ghost mode anytime that you want by going into the Snapchat settings.

snapchat snapmap 5

Step 3
After snapping your story, you can choose to share the story to either your friends or to the world. Choose “My Story” to share it with your friends and “Our Story” to share it to the world.

what is snap map 6

You can also search for events and happenings around you by typing in the queries on the Search column. You can also browse the Snap Ma and tap on any Snap that is showing to see what is happening.

So, there you have it. The 3 simple steps on how you can use the Snapchat Snap Map. Have you use the Snap Map? Tell us what you think about this new feature in the comments below. Be sure also to check our previous article on 5 Steps on How to Get Snapchat Friends Fast.

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