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How to Verify Your Website on Pinterest – A Step by Step Guide

How to Verify Your Website in Pinterest

step 6 verify website in pinterest

Pinterest has evolved and change significantly in recent years. It has now increased its user based to more than 100 Million Active Users as at 2016. If you are familiar with Pinterest you would notice the different proposition that is offered by Pinterest compared to other social media platform. It is much more visual and content driven. People who use Pinterest are there mainly for content search and therefore set it apart from other social media platform.

Therefore, for content marketers, Pinterest offers a good platform for their website exposure. However, you need to verify your website in your Pinterest account before you can leverage Pinterest for your website. If you have a business account for Pinterest, by verifying your website and putting the Pinterest tag into your website, it will allow you to have access on some of the data analytics such as how many visitors are generated from Pinterest to your website.

It is a useful data in which you can fine-tune your pin and also your website in order to leverage the traffic from Pinterest and convert it into sales. Below are the step by step on how you can verify your website in Pinterest

step 1 verify website on pintereststep 2 verify website in pinterest
step 3 verify website in pinterest
Step 1
Open your Pinterest account and tap the icon above your name.

Step 2
Go to the “Profile” Section and fill in your website if you have not fill this up yet. There is the “Confirm Website” box just beside the website box. Tap that button.

Step 3
Once you tap the “Confirm Website” button, a pop-up will appear and will give you the tag that is needed to be copy and paste to your website. Tap at the box, click right on your mouse button and choose “Copy”
step 4 verify website in pintereststep 5 verify website in pintereststep 6 verify website in pinterest





Step 4
Go to your WordPress dashboard for your website. If you do not have yet install the “Header and Footer” plugin, you can search this plugin and install it onto your WordPress.

Step 5
After you have installed the plugin, go to the WordPress “Settings” and choose the “Header and Footer”

Step 6
Paste the tag generated from Pinterest earlier on onto the Head section. Save the settings. Go back to Pinterest and click Finish. Your Website are now verified in Pinterest.

So, there you have it. A step by step guide on how to verify your website in Pinterest. Please also visit our previous article on 5 ways to drive free traffic from Pinterest.

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