What is Instagram?

What is Instagram

What is Instagram? And how you can use it for your business.

Instagram is an app that was created as an application for online mobile sharing of photos and videos to your friends and also public. You have the option of sharing your pictures or videos publicly or privately. One of the strength of this application is the ease of use and this has made it very popular mobile internet users. Instagram does not have a steep learning curve and it very simple to use as you can easily upload pictures taken and also give a filter or some fine tune editing to your pictures before publishing it. Instagram app also works well with other social media platform such as Facebook, Twitter and others. Once a video or picture is uploaded, friends can comment on that video as well as share it on their Instagram account.

Instagram was created by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger and was launched in October 2010. The app was marketed as a free mobile app and since then have gained huge popularity and active users. Instagram was bought by Facebook for $1 billion in cash and stock back in 2012. Since then, Instagram has grown in popularity and based by expandedramblings.com, 20% of internet users are using Instagram in 2016. That represents a huge volume of daily active users. It was also recorded that Instagram have around 300 million daily active users in 2016.

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Instagram is not just a social media for personal use but it is also a powerful tool for promoting your business. Instagram can be used as a marketing tool in promoting your business by using images and videos. Video campaign using Instagram can be used for product overview while images can be used also for product lead as well as to get email address. You need to be always experimenting with each campaign using Instagram and track which of your campaign ad is working and which is not. You can also choose either to use paid advertising or free advertising using your personal Instagram account or business account.

If you are deciding to use Instagram as a marketing tool, here are some tips

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1. Frequency of Updates

The Instagram apps does not work like Facebook in which some of the recent updates can be bumped up from the recent likes or comments. Therefore, your recent updates can be push down as new updates fills up the screen. If you are using the free post approach, you need to be constantly feeding your updates with new promotion from time to time. This will increase your product and brand awareness in time with your target audiences.

2. Use contests as lead

Contests have been effective in Instagram as people are drawn to the possibility of winning something by just easily uploading a picture or video. One way to run a contest using Instagram is by leveraging on the hashtag as well as encouraging people to upload their images with your product. There are also many other creative ways of utilising the contest approach using Instagram.

3. Use short videos

As the internet is getting faster nowadays, video has now become a good marketing tool as it delivers much more impactful advertising campaign to your target audience. Statistics have shown that the conversion rate is higher for video advertising campaign. You can upload a short video of up to 60 seconds on Instagram.

4. Tell a story

An effective advertising campaign can only work if it can relate the product and brand to their target audiences’ interest and background. The best effective way of doing this is by telling a story. You can use Instagram as a platform to tell a story by using pictures as well as videos. People can relate more to a story that they can empathize and therefore it will convert sales more than an advertising without any background story.

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