How to DM People on Instagram

3 Steps How to DM People on Instagram

Instagram is a popular social media platform in which users can post and share their pictures with their friends. However, probably not all Instagram users are aware that the Instagram platform can also use as an instant messaging platform. In this regard, you can actually use Instagram a way to direct message or in short DM your friends or contacts. Instagram DM can be used as a leverage to grow your business on a long term.

If you are using Instagram for business, DM-ing people is one of a good way of generating leads for your business. DM can be a way of interacting with your followers on a one-to-one basis.

Why DM Your Followers

1. Get feedback from your followers
When you are launching your product or services on Instagram, you can use the DM way as a means to get instant feedback on your product or services. This way you can get tips on how you can further improve your product

2. Ask questions to your followers
Asking questions is a good way to gauge a market. By asking questions to your followers, you might get some of the problems that most of your followers normally have. This insight can lead you to develop a new product or services that you can then offer to your followers.

3. Promoting your product directly to your followers
If you have launched your product, it is not enough by just posting it in your newsfeed and hoping it will get noticed by your followers. As the Instagram traffic becoming more and more congested, you need to stand out from the crowd. Therefore, by DM-ing your followers one-by-one, your product will have higher chance to be noticed.

4. To have conversation with your followers
Instead of using Instagram as one way street of communication, you can use the DM as a way to create a conversation with your followers. This will in return create more trust and long-term relationship with your community. This will definitely help to create a more positive branding of yourself and your product and services.

So, if you want to use DM for personal or business use, here are the 3 simple steps on how you can Direct Message or DM your Followers on Instagram.

How to DM in Instagram Step 1

Step 1
Open your Instagram account. In your profile, besides your profile picture, tap at the “Followers” section. Instagram will then show a list of your followers. Tap at any of the followers that you want to send the DM to.

How to DM in Instagram Step 2

Step 2
Once in the follower’s profile, tap at the “…” button at the above right of the screen

How to DM in Instagram Step 3

Step 3
Instagram will instantly show you a menu. Tap at the “Send Message” option. You then can type the message you want as a DM to your follower.

So, there you have it. 3 simple steps on how you can start DM-ing your friends and followers. Leave us a comment on how you have utilized DM in your Instagram to grow your business. Please also check our previous article on the top things you can post on Instagram.

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